Friday, October 30, 2020

Friday Fright Night: Halloween Word Search

 Well, here we are--the last Friday of the month and the last edition of Friday Fright Night. At the beginning of October Curtis Evans from the The Passing Tramp put out the call to his fellow bloggers to take part in a month-long event to get us ready for Halloween. Each Friday has found bloggers across the internet as well as familiar faces from the Tuesday Night Blogger crew serving up ghastly delights These are being gathered on up on the Golden Age of Detection Facebook page, but if any of my readers would like to join the fun you are welcome to leave a link in the comments and I'll see that Curtis gets it.

Last week I ransacked my Goodreads book list (the easiest to sort) and presented you with a sampling of Halloween-Themed Titles from my read and/or to-read lists along with a little quiz to see if you could match authors and titles. As promised, the answers will appear at the end of this post. This week I present a word search based on that post on Halloween-Themed Titles. In the puzzle, you will find one word from every title mentioned in my previous Fright Night post as well as the last name of each author referenced. Each word will be used only once--for instance,(The) Mystery of the Skeleton Key and The Skeleton Key have duplicate words. So "skeleton" and "key" (if used) may only appear once. Similarly, authors who have more than one title in the list only appear once in the puzzle. If I have done my job correctly and you have found all of the correct words (65 total), then the remaining letters will spell out (in order) the names of the blogs that have participated in our Halloween adventures (twice each)--followed by a suitable holiday message. There should be one random letter left over at the end. 

Clicking on the photo will enlarge the grid. If you would like a file to down load and print, you should be able to access it HERE.

And now for the answers to last week's quiz.

1. Ghost of a Chance                 C. Kelley Roos
2. Death of a Ghost                    D. Margery Allingham
3. Old Lover's Ghost                  B. Leslie Ford
4. What Beckoning Ghost          E. Douglas G. Browne
5. Three-Thirds of a Ghost         A. Timothy Fuller

1. (The) Mystery of the Skeleton Key     D. Bernard Capes
2. The Skeleton in the Clock                  E. Carter Dickson
3. The Long Skeleton                             C. Francis & Richard Lockridge
4. Skeleton Key                                      B. Lenore Glen 
5. Skeleton in the Closet                        A. A. B. Cunningham

Skulls & Monsters 
(I had fewer of these, so I combined)
1. The Riddle of the Traveling Skull     D. Harry Stephen Keeler 
2. The Monster of Lazy Hook               C. Thorne Lee John Dickson Carr
3. Castle Skull                                      B. John Dickson Carr
4. Many a Monster                               A. Robert Finnegan

1. The Witch of the Low Tide            B. John Dickson Carr
2. Brood of the Witch-Queen            C. Sax Rohmer 
3. The Witch's House                        A. Charlotte Armstrong

1. Bats Fly at Dusk                 C. A. A. Fair Mary Roberts Rinehart
2. The Bat                               A. Mary Roberts Rinehart
3. The Bat Flies Low               B. Sax Rohmer

1. The Devil Loves Me            G. Margaret Millar 
2. The Devil's Stronghold        E. Leslie Ford 
3. The Devil to Pay                  B. Ellery Queen Louis Malley
4. The Devil in the Bush          F. Matthew Head 
5. The Devil Man                     A. Edgar Wallace
6. Horns for the Devil              C. Louis Malley
7. The Devil & the C.I.D.         D. E. C. R. Lorac

Midnight (the witching hour!)
1. Before Midnight                         A. Rex Stout
2. The Midnight Plumber               C. Maurice Proctor 
3. Prelude to a Certain Midnight    D. Gerald Kersch
4. Midnight Sailing                         B. Laurence G. Blochman

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