Sunday, October 18, 2020

Calendar of Crime Reading Challenge 2021

photo credity: Ellery Queen's Calendar of
Crime (Signet edition)

Ready for another year of mysterious months and dangerous days? I'm pleased to sponsor the 2021 edition of the Calendar of Crime. Just a reminder that this mystery-based challenge allows readers to include any mystery regardless of publication date. If it falls in a mystery category (crime fiction/detective novel/police procedural/suspense/thriller/spy & espionage/hard-boiled/cozy/etc.), then it counts and it does not matter if it was published in 1892 or 2021. 

The Rules
~Challenge runs from January 1 to December 31, 2021. All books should be read during this time period. Sign up at any time. If you have a blog, please post about the challenge. Then sign up via the form below and please make the url link to your challenge post and not your home page. If you don't have a blog, links to an online list (Goodreads, Library Thing, etc.) devoted to this challenge are acceptable OR you may skip that question.

~All books must be mysteries. Humor, romance, supernatural elements (etc.) are all welcome, but the books must be mysteries/crime/detective novels first.

~Twelve books, one representing each month, are required for a complete challenge. Each month comes with several categories (see chart above) that may be selected to fulfill the month's reading. If you would like the excel version of the chart to use or have any questions about fulfilling a category, please email me at phryne1969 AT gmail DOT com. I also have a spreadsheet of DOBs for authors on my TBR and read list (at least all that I could track down). You can email me for that list as well.

~To claim a book, it must fit one of the categories for the month you wish to fulfill. Unless otherwise specified, the category is fulfilled within the actual story. for instance, if you are claiming the book for December and want to use "Christmas" as the category, then Christmas must figure in some way in the plot. Did someone poison the plum pudding? Did Great-Uncle Whozit invite all the family home for Christmas so he could tell them he plans to change his will?

~The "wild card" book is exactly that. If July is your birth month (as mine is), then for category #9 you may read any mystery book you want. It does not have to connect with July in any way--other than a July baby chose it. The other eleven months, you must do the alternate category #9 if you want to fulfill that slot.

~Book title categories: "The," "A," and "An" do not count as the first word. 

~Books may only count for one month and one category, but they may count for other challenges (such as my Vintage Scattergories Mystery Challenge). If it could fulfill more than one category or month, then you are welcome to change it at any time prior to the final wrap-up.

~Books do not have to be read during the month for which they qualify. So--if you're feeling like a little "Christmas in July" (or May or...), then feel free to read your book for December whenever the mood strikes.

~To sign-up, please fill out the form below.

~A wrap-up post/comment/email will be requested that should include a list of books read and what category they fulfilled. [Example: January: The House of Sudden Sleep by John Hawk (original pub date January 1930)]

~The headquarters link in the left-hand sidebar will be updated in January for 2021 for easy access to this original challenge post, monthly review link-ups, and the final wrap-up. The final wrap-up link will not go live until the end of 2021, so please save your notification until that time. 

~If you post to Facebook, Instagram, or other social media about the challenge, please use #CalendarOfCrime2021.


Katie said...

This sounds so fun! Naturally, I have to sign up for it.

scraptraci said...

excited to try this one again this year. I am going to try to be better about linking up my reviews this time

Laura said...

This is a new challenge for me. I am looking forward to starting the challenge.

Anonymous said...

First year to try. Excited-love mysteries prompts and genres.

Bev Hankins said...

Katie, Laura, & Joy: I'm so glad you'll be joining me for a calendar filled with crime reads this year! Hope you enjoy!

Welcome back, scraptraci!

Carol said...

I'm going to give this another shot this year. Hopefully I'll be better at keeping track.

Susan said...

Thanks again Bev for allowing us to read/post months in any order. Avid Series Reader

goldmoon said...

I'm in! I love this challenge :-)

Bobbey said...

This sounds like a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

I am sorry I am confused by what you mean when you say "your challenge page not your profile page" onn Goodreads

Bev Hankins said...

Unknown: The reference to "your challenge page" is for those who post on their blogs. I want the link to the actual challenge post and not just to their home profile page. For Goodreads--just post a link to your Goodreads site. If you make a list especially for this Challenge for Goodreads, it'd be nice if you could link to that--but you don't have to.

Rachel (From Ink To Paper) said...

Excited to do this one again this year! My hardest is definitely finding the author's birthdays!

The Keeper of the Keys said...

Gonna try this!