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Just the Facts, Ma'am 2019: My Sign-Up

Well, naturally I am signing up for my very own 2019 edition of the Vintage Mystery Challenge--another round of Just the Facts, Ma'am. I mean vintage mysteries are kind of my thing. The object of the game is to answer all the important questions of Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why to complete cases in either the Golden of Silver Mystery Eras (or for the compulsive challengers, like me, both). See the Detective Notebooks below. For a complete run-down of the rules, please click on the link above.

I will be participating in both reading Eras. My plan will be to complete as many categories as possible, but my commitment will have been met when I reach the Inspired Amateur level (24 books) in the Golden Age and the Detective Sergeant Level (12 books) in the Silver Age. 


1.Who: The Murder of a Quack by George Bellairs (1943) [Medical Field] (1/13/19)
2. What: Clouds of Witness by Dorothy L Sayers (1926) [literary allusion] (1/12/19)
3. When: Died in the Wool by Ngaio Marsh (1945) [Set during WWII] (1/7/19)
4. Where: The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie (1920) [Country House] (1/18/19)
5. How: The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie (1922) [Poison] (1/25/19)
6. Why: Final Curtain by Ngaio Marsh (1947) [Made into TV Episode[ (2/14/19)
Detective Sergeant
7. Who: The Lucky Stiff by Craig Rice (1945) [Lawyer] (3/1/19)
8. What: Blood of the North by James B. Hendryx (1938) [Inverted Mystery] (2/15/19)
9. When: An African Millionaire by Grant Allen (1897) [Victorian Era] (1/10/19)
10. Where: Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie (1923) [Country other than US or UK--France] (3/9/19)
11. How: Blind Corner by Dornford Yates (1927) [Stabbed] (1/27/19)
12. Why: Whose Body?  by Dorothy L. Sayers (1923) [Author not from my country] (3/24/19)
13. Who: Murder at the Mardi Gras by Elisabet M. Stone (1947) [Journalist/Writer] (4/20/19)
14. What: Where the Snow Was Red by Hugh Pentecost (1949) [Color] (2/16/19)
15. When: The Dead Shall Be Raised by George Bellairs (1942) [Recognized Holiday: Christmas] (1/13/19)
16. Where: Opening Night by Ngaio Marsh (1951) [at a theatre] (4/4/19)
17. How: Murdered: One by One by Francis Beeding (1937) [2 or more deaths; different means] (3/16/19)
18. Why: Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy L. Sayers (1933) [Read by Fellow Challenger] (4/28/19)
Inspired Amateur
19. Who: The March Hare Murders by Elizabeth Ferrars (1949) [Academic] (4/23/19)
20. What: Monsieur Lecoq by Emile Gaboriau (1869) [Person's Name] (2/27/19)
21. When: A Wreath fro Rivera by Ngaio Marsh (1949) [During Performance] (3/11/19)
22. Where: Murder in a Nunnery by Eric Shepherd (1940) [At a (convent) school] (4/26/19)
23. How: Miss Agatha Doubles for Death by H.L.V. Fletcher (1943) [Death by drowning] (5/16/19)
24. Why: Behold, Here's Poison by Georgette Heyer (1936) [last names starts with same letter as mine] (5/3/19)
Chief Inspector
25. Who: Spinsters in Jeopardy by Ngaio Marsh (1953) [Professional main sleuth] (5/6/19)
26. What: The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie (1924) [Diary excerpts] (4/13/19)
27. When: Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers (1936) [During special event--college Gaudy] (7/1/19)
28. Where: The Barrakee Mystery by Arthur W. Upfield (1929) [Outdoor Location] (6/1/19)
29. How: The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie (1925) [Shot] (6/6/19)
30. Why: Beverly Gray's Island Mystery by Clair Blank (1952) [Author from my country] (5/21/19)
31. Who: The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1902) [Watson narrator] (6/13/19)
32. What: Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers (1930) [Means in Title] (5/11/19)
33. When: Family Affair by Ione Sandberg Shriber (1941) [During Weather Event: Blizzard] (8/6/19)
34. Where: Death of a Fool by Ngaio Marsh (1957) [Small Village] (7/7/19)
35. How: Killing the Goose by Frances & Richard Lockridge (1948) [Blunt Instrument] (6/24/19)
36. Why: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie (1939) [Best of List] (8/2/19)
Chief Superintendent
37. Who: False Scent by Ngaio Marsh (1959) [Actor/Actress] (9/15/19)
38. What: The Spanish Cape Mystery by Ellery Queen (1935) [Written by more than one person] (8/28/19)
39. When: Singing in the Shrouds by Ngaio Marsh (1958) [During a trip] (8/17/19)
40. Where: The Fate of the Immodest Blonde by Patrick Quentin (1947) [Capital City] (9/22/19)
41. How: The Notting Hill Mystery by Charles Warren Adams (1863) [Unusual Method] (7/12/19)
42. Why: Murder in the Maze by J. J. Connington (1927) [Character w/similar job--secretary] (8/10/19)
Deputy Chief Constable
43. Who: The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorothy L. Sayers (1928) [Artist/Photographer] (11/19/19)
44. What: The Eel Pie Murders by David Frome (1933) [Animal in Title] (11/13/19)
45. When: Unnatural Death by Dorothy L Sayers (1927) [Timing Crucial] (9/2/19)
46. Where: The Dutch Shoe Mystery by Ellery Queen (1931) [Hospital[ (10/13/19)
47. How: 4:50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie (1957) [Strangulation] (7/28/19)
48. Why: The Restless Corpse by Alan Pruitt (1947) [Simon Says] (9/29/19)
Chief Constable
44. Who: The Bells of Old Bailey by Dorothy Bowers (1947) [Bookstore Owner] (12/22/19)
45. What: Unholy Dying by R. T. Campbell (1945]) [humorous book] (12/29/19)
46. When:
47. Where: Tragedy at the Unicorn by John Rhode (1928) [Locked Room] (11/23/19)
48. How: Trixie Belden & the Secret of the Mansion by Julie Campbell (1948) [Crime involves fire/arson] (12/30/19)
49. Why:  Blueprint for Murder by Roger Bax (1948) [Out of Comfort Zone] (10/25/19)

1960-1989 (Inclusive)

1. WHO: No Patent on Murder by Akimitsu Takagi (1965) [lawyer/prosecutor as detective] (2/21/19)
2. WHAT: The Mystery of the Fire Dragon by Carolyn Keene (1961) [Animal in Title] (7/29/19)
3. WHEN: Night of the Fox by Jack Higgins (1986) [Set during WWII] (1/19/19)
4. WHERE: Tenant for the Tomb by Anthony Gilbert (1971) [Capital City: main death occurs in London] (7/28.19)
5. HOW: Is Skin Deep, Is Fatal by H.R.F. Keating (1965) [Stabbed] (5/1/19)
6. WHY: Trixie Belden & the Mystery on the Mississippi by Kathryn Kenny (1965) [Author from my country] (4/23/19)
Detective Sergeant
7. WHO: Black Aura by John Sladek (1974) [Vicar/Religious Figure] (9/9/19)
8. WHAT: Mystery of the Emerald Buddha by Betty Cavanna (1976) [Color in Title] (6/29/19)
9. WHEN: Death After Breakfast by Hugh Pentecost (1978) [Time in Title] (8/10/19)
10. WHERE: The Holmes-Dracula File (1978) [hospital/nursing home--mental hospital] (9/4/19)
11. HOW: The Father Hunt by Rex Stout (1968) [Murder on Wheels] (6/18/19)
12. WHY: Hand in Glove by Ngaio Marsh (1962) [Author not from my country] (10/8/19)
13. WHO: Killer Dolphin by Ngaio Marsh (1966) [Actor/Actress] (12/18/19)
14. WHAT:
15. WHEN:
16. WHERE: The Perfect Murder by H. R. F. Keating (1964) [Country other than US or UK] (10/19/19)
17. HOW: Dead Water by Ngaio Marsh (1963) [Drowned] (11/9/19)
18. WHY:
Inspired Amateur
19. WHO:
20. WHAT:
21. WHEN:
22. WHERE:
23. HOW: Eyes at the Window by George Selmark (1966) [Poison] (11/25/19)
24. WHY:

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