Sunday, July 21, 2019

Gaudy Night: audio edition

Continuing with my orgy of listening to Dorothy L. Sayers novels on audio, I've listened to the Gaudy Night (1935), the penultimate book in the Wimsey/Vane mystery cycle. As with the other audio reviews, I am not focusing so much on the whole story here. If you'd like to see my thoughts on the novel, please click the linked title above. 

Ian Carmichael gives another fine narrating performance, giving voice to a full range of characters from dons and students at Oxford to American visitors to members of the college staff. This particular round of hearing the story, I was reminded how much I enjoyed the interactions of Lord Peter with Mr. Padgett

For some reason, this affair of a mop and a bucket seemed to have made Padgett Peter’s slave for life. Men were very odd. 

as well as Harriet's encounters with Reggie Pomfret and Peter's nephew Lord St. George. There is a great deal of humor in this novel of poison pen antics at a women's college. Of course, there are also more serious themes from the eternal question of romance between our two main characters to the value of intellectual honesty versus the well-being of a man and his family. Sayers addresses some interesting intellectual subjects under the guise of an entertaining mystery with romantic undertones. Carmichael brings humor, warmth, and depth to his reading of the story.
Finished 7/1/19
Just the Facts Golden Card = Character has similar job (academic secretary)
Medical Examiner: Death = one; shot

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