Monday, December 14, 2015

Challenge Complete: Vintage Mystery Bingo

I finally completed both Bingo cards in the Vintage Mystery Bingo. It was beginning to look a little iffy...after all there is less than three weeks left in year. I had my Silver Age "Have to Borrow" book all picked out, put it on hold at the library and waited....and waited...and waited. Nothing. When I went back in to check on things, I discovered that it was now "Missing." So, I had to figure out a different book. 

The difficulty is that the older books that our library keeps on hand tend to be the well-known classics of the field--which means I've read most of them. It was a bit of a trick finding something that sounded like a winner that I hadn't read. Michael Gilbert's Game Without Rules made an excellent wrap-up for my Vintage Bingo gaming experience. See below for the complete list of books read for this challenge. 

So--how are you all doing? I've heard "Bingo!" ringing out throughout the year.

1. Ride the Pink Horse by Dorothy B. Hughes [1946] (1/3/15) [Out of Comfort Zone] 
2. The Case of the Painted Girl by Frank King [1931] (1/6/15) [New Author] 
3. Mother Finds a Body by Gypsy Rose Lee [1942] (1/12/15) [Woman in Title] 
4. Death of a Dwarf by Harold Kemp [1955] (1/25/15) [Birthday] 
5. The Golden Slipper & Other Problems for Violet Strange by Anna Katharine Green [1915] (1/26/15) [Have to Borrow] 
6. One Touch of Blood by Samm Sinclair Baker [1955] (2/5/15) [Set in U.S./England]  
7. Panic by Helen McCloy [1944] (2/22/15) [Country House] 
8. The Secret of Magnolia Manor by Helen Wells [1949] (2/24/15) [Crime Other Than Murder] 
9. The World's Best 100 Detective Stories Vol 1 by Eugene Thwing, ed [1929] (2/26/15) [Short Stories] 
10. Brighton Rock by Graham Greene [1938] (3/2/15) [Place in Title] 
11. Top of the Heap by A. A. Fair [1952] (3/11/15) [Detective Team] 
12. Night Train to Paris by Manning Coles [1952] (3/14/15) [Transportation] 
13. The Underdog & Other Stories by Agatha Christie [1951] (3/17/15) [Animal] 
14. Poison Jasmine by Clyde B. Clason [1940] (4/5/15) [Method in Title] 
15. The Murder of Sir Edmund Godfrey by John Dickson Carr [1936] (4/8/15) [Historical] 
16. Murder in the Wind (aka Hurricane) by John D. MacDonald [1956] (4/13/15) [More Than One Title] 
17. The Ringmaster's Secret by Carolyn Keene [1953] (4/16/15) [Amateur Detective 
18. The Smiler with the Knife by Nicholas Blake (Cecil Day-Lewis) [1939] (4/21/15) [Pseudonymous Author]  
19. Call for Michael Shayne by Brett Halliday [1949] (4/22/15) [Same Initial/s]  
20. The Case of Colonel Marchand by E. C. R. Lorac [1933] (4/27/15) [Time/Day/Month/etc.] Bingo! 
21.The Eye in the Museum by J. J. Connington [1929] (5/8/15) [Professional Detective] 
22. The Three Fears by Jonathan Stagge [1949] (5/17/15) [Eat, Drink & Be Merry] Bingo! Two Ways! 
23. Deep Lake Mystery by Carolyn Wells [1928] (5/25/15) [Locked Room/Impossible Crime] 
24. Bones in the Barrow by Josephine Bell [1953] (5/29/15) [Medical Mystery] 
25. Double Cross Purposes by Ronald A. Knox [1937] (6/3/15) [Clergy/Religion] 
26. The Riddle of the Traveling Skull by Harry Stephen Keeler [1934] (6/21/15) [Spooky] 
27. The A.B.C. Murders by Agatha Christie [1936] (6/22/15) [Movie/TV] 
28. Whisper Murder! by Vera Kelsey [1946] (6/24/15) [Academic] Bingo! 
29. Murder on Her Mind by Vechel Howard [1959] (6/27/15) [TBR 1st Lines] 
30. The Turquoise Shop by Frances Crane [1941] (7/3/15) [Color] 
31. The Case of the Borrowed Brunette by Erle Stanley Gardner [1946] (7/6/15) [Lawyer, Judge, etc] 
32. Two & Two Make Twenty-Two by Gwen Bristow & Bruce Manning [1932] (7/23/15) [Number in Title] Bingo! Two Ways! 
33. Keep Cool, Mr. Jones by Timothy Fuller [1950] (8/24/15) [Man in Title]
34. Death in Kashmir by M. M. Kaye [1953] (8/25/15) [Anywhere But US/England]
Bingo! Two Ways! 

35. Black Alibi by Cornell Woolrich [1942] (9/23/15) [Entertainment World] Bingo! Two Ways! 
36. The Red Box by Rex Stout [1936] (10/3/15) [Read by Another Challenger: Les Blatt]
Card Covered!

(1960-1989 Inclusive)
1. Police Procedurals by Martin H. Greenberg & Bill Pronzini, eds [1985] (1/9/15) [Professional Detective] 
2. Death Over Deep Water by Simon Nash [1963] (2/8/15) [Mode of Transportation] 
3. Caught Dead in Philadelphia by Gillian Roberts [1987] (2/11/15) [Academic mystery] 
4. A Stitch in Time by Emma Lathen [1968] (2/17/15) [Pseudonymous Author] 
5. Death & Mr. Prettyman by Kenneth Giles [1967] (3/6/15) [Lawyer, Judge, etc.] 
6. The Playground of Death by John Buxton Hilton [1981] (3/18/15) [Historical] 
7. Malice Domestic by Sara Woods [1962] (3/26/15) [Set in U.S./England]  
8. Murder Fantastical by Patricia Moyes [1967] (3/29/15) [Clergy/Religion] 
9. Dine & Be Dead [aka Death Lives Next Door] by Gwendoline Butler [1960] (3/29/15) [More Than One Title] 
10. The False Inspector Dew by Peter Lovesey [1982] (4/1/150) [Man in Title] 
11. The Cavalier in White by Marcia Muller [1986] (4/18/15) [Color in Title] 
12. The Wilberforce Legacy by Josephine Bell [1969] (4/19/15) [Birth Year--mine] 
13. The Great Dinosaur Robbery by David Forrest [1970] (5/15/15) [Made into Movie] 
14. The Abominable Man by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö [1971] (5/29/15) [Set Anywhere But US/England] 
15. Falling Star by Patricia Moyes [1964] (6/12/15) [Entertainment World] 
16. Young Mrs. Cavendish & the Kaiser's Men [1987] (7/4/15) [Woman in Title] 
17. Hand of Fate by Michael Underwood [1981] (7/5/15) [Spooky] 
18. The Crime & the Crystal by Elizabeth Ferrars [1985] (7/9/15) [Amateur Detective] BINGO! 
19. Shadow of a Doubt by June Thomson [1981] (7/27/15) [Medical Mystery] BINGO!  
20. The Penny Murders by Lionel Black [1979] (7/31/15) [Locked Room] 
21. The Old Die Young by Richard Lockridge [1980] (8/9/15) [Detective Team] 
22. Jewelled Eye by Douglas Clark [1985} (9/1/15) [Crime Other Than Murder] BINGO! 
23. The Fourteen Dilemma by Hugh Pentecost [1976] (9/3/15) [Number in Title]
24. The Brandenbug Hotel by Pauline Glen Winslow [1976] (9/7/15) [Place in Title]
25. The Gay Phoenix by Michael Innes [1976] (9/15/15) [TBR 1st Lines]
26. Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters [1975] (9/28/15) [Animal in Title]
27. Happiness Is a Warm Corpse as edited by Alfred Hitchcock [1969] (10/7/15) [Short Story Collection]
28. Ax by Ed McBain [1964] (10/21/15) [Out of Comfort Zone]
29. Murder on Cue by Jane Dentinger [1983] (10/27/15) [Author Never Read Before] BINGO Two Ways! 
30. There Hangs the Knife by Marcia Muller [1988] (10/29/15) [Method in Title]
31. Murder in the Hellfire Club [1978] (11/3/15) [Eat, Drink & Be Merry] BINGO! 
32. In Spite of Thunder by John Dickson Carr [1960] (11/7/15) [Country House] BINGO! 
33. Perpetual Check by Conrad Haynes [1988] (11/20/15) [Same Initial]
34. Murder at the ABA by Isaac Asimov [1976] (11/23/15) [Read by Another Challenger] BINGO Two Ways! 
35. The Monday Theory by Douglas Clark [1983] (12/7/15) [Time, Day, Month in Title (12/7/15) BINGO Two Ways! 
36. Game Without Rules by Michael Gilbert [1967] (12/14/15) [Have to Borrow]
Card Covered!


Anonymous said...

Well done Bev - as always, I am in awe! I will finish the Golden this week but the Silver will remain only partially completeld - ah well, there's always next year!

Abi said...

Oh, I read some great books this year, thanks to your challenges but did not get a bingo :)

Below is my post on my blog