Saturday, December 26, 2015

TBR Triple Dog Dare

January 1 - April 1, 2016
James has been sponsoring this one for quite some time, but I've never jumped on board. This is his last year to sponsor and he's asking bloggers...

Are you brave enough for one final round?

I’m bringing back The TBR Dare one last time.

It works like this….

For the first three months of 2016 read only the books that were already in your TBR stack as of midnight December 31, 2015.

There are few more details; check the link above for the full scoop. And join us--we triple dog dare you.
Since my plan is to read primarily from my own stacks throughout 2016, this should be no problem. I am definitely in. Let's see how many I can knock off the piles by the end of March.

1. The Purple Cloud by M. P. Shiel [on TBR since 4/13/13] (1/2/16)
2. Hunt with the Hounds by Mignon G. Eberhart [on TBR since 9/20/13] (1/3/16)
3. Murder at Arroways by Helen Reilly [on TBR since 10/17/15] (1/7/15)

4. The Girl in the Cellar by Patricia Wentworth [on TBR since 9/28/12] (1/9/16)
5. Red for Murder by Harold Kemp [on TBR since 5/4/15]
6. Hardly a Man Is Now Alive by Herbert Brean [on TBR since 12/25/14] (1/16/16)
7. Imagination Unlimited edited by Everett F. Bleiler & T. E. Dikty [on TBR since 5/26/15] (1/18/16)
8. Puzzle in Petticoats by Samuel M. Kootz [on TBR since 10/17/15] (1/20/16)
9. The Platypus of Doom & Other Nihilists by Arthur Byron Cover [on TBR since 2011] (1/23/16)
10. Oh Myyy! by George Takei [on TBR since 12/15/14] (1/24/16)
11. Four Against the Bank of England by Ann Huxley [on TBR since 5/24/14] (1/25/16)
12. Which Doctor by Edward Candy [on TBR since 4/13/13] (1/28/16)
13. The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont by Robert Barr [on TBR since 10/9/15] (1/30/16)
14. Who's Calling? by Helen McCoy [on TBR since 10/17/15] (1/31/16)
15. The Clock Ticks On by Valentine Williams [on TBR since 1/5/13] (2/3/16)
16. The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugham [on TBR since 5/27/15] (2/5/16)
17. The Clue of the Judas Tree by Leslie Ford [on TBR since 12/25/15] (2/6/16)
18. The Doberman Wore Black by Barbara Moore [on TBR since 3/28/15] (2/9/16)
19. The Fifth Passenger by Edward Young [on TBR since 12/5/15] (2/10/16)
20. The Bridal Bed Murders by A. E. Martin [on TBR since 10/13/12] (2/13/16)
21. The April Robin Murders by Craig Rice & Ed McBain [on TBR since 12/26/14] (2/17/16)
22. The Silver Anniversary Murder by Lee Harris [on TBR since 6/4/14] (2/17/16)
23. Poacher's Bag by Douglas Clark [on TBR since 12/31/11] (2/19/16)
24. The Spiral Staircase by Ethel Lina White [on TBR since 10/9/15] (2/20/16)
25. The Black Rustle by Constance & Gwenyth Little [on TBR since 12/25/14] (2/22/16)
26. The Bachelors of Broken Hill by Arthur W. Upfield [on TBR since 10/4/14] (2/24/16)
27. Gently with the Painters by Alan Hunter [on TBR since 9/28/12] (2/27/16]
28. The Calcutta Affair by George S. Elrick [on TBR since 3/1/14] (2/28/16)
29. The Avengers: A Celebration by Marcus Hearn [on TBR since 5/11/16] (2/29/16)
30. Make Death Love Me by Ruth Rendell [on TBR since 12/21/11] (3/1/16)
31. The Day He Died by Lewis Padgett [on TBR since 10/17/15] (3/3/16)
32. House of Darkness by Allan MacKinnon [on TBR since 10/17/15] (3/7/16)
33. The Philomel Foundation by James Gollin [on TBR since 10/9/15] (3/11/16)
34. A Lesson in Secrets by Jacqueline Winspear [on TBR since 9/17/11] (3/13/16)
35. Elegy for Eddie by Jacqueline Winspear [on TBR since 8/1/13] (3/15/16)
36. The Old Battle Axe/The Obstinate Murderer by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding [on TBR since 12/25/15] (3/17/16)
37. The Big Smoke by Adrian Matejka [on TBR since 5/27/14] (3/20/16)
38. Dead Against My Principles by Kenneth Hopkins [on TBR since 2/12/15] (3/29/16)


Julie said...

Oh, I am so joining this one! All my books were published before then lol

Anonymous said...

Welcome to The Dare and thank you for helping spread the world. You were the 50th person to take the dare by the way. ;-)

Bev Hankins said...

James, Number 50, huh? Cool! Can't wait to start the New Year of reading.