Monday, December 28, 2015

Challenge Complete: Birthday Month

Birthday Month Reading Challenge 

Hosted by Lois at You, Me, & a Cup of Tea

Lois set us the challenge to read a book each month by an author whose birthday was in that month. I just read a short story collection by Rex Stout to claim December and have finished the challenge. See my list below.

Thanks, Lois for hosting this one. It was a lot of fun finding authors I like who would fit each month.

January: Mother Finds a Body by Gypsy Rose Lee [DOB: Jan. 9, 1911] (1/12/15)
January: Alpha 2 by Robert Silverberg (ed) [DOB: Jan. 15, 1935] (1/18/5)
February: Some of Your Blood by Theodore Sturgeon [DOB: Feb 27. 1918] (2/13/15)
March: Malice Domestic by Sara Woods [DOB: March 7, 1922] (3/26/15)
April: The Mote in God's Eye by Larry Niven [DOB: April 30, 1938] & Jerry Pournelle
May: Strange Wine by Harlan Ellison [DOB: May 27. 1934] (5/21/15)
June: The Humphrey Bogart Murder Case by George Baxt [DOB: June 11, 1923] (6/26/15)
July: The Case of the Borrowed Brunette by Erle Stanley Gardner [DOB: July 17, 1889] (7/6/15)
July: The Witch & the Hysteric by Alexander Doty & Patricia Clare Ingham [DOB: July 1, 1958] (7/14/15) 
July: Two & Two Make Twenty-Two by Gwen Bristow & Bruce Manning [DOB: July 15, 1902]
August: Death in Kashmir by M. M. Kaye [DOB: Aug 21, 1908] (8/25/15)
September: The Gay Phoenx by Michael Innes [DOB: Sept 30, 1906] (9/15/15)
October: Ax by Ed McBain [DOB: Oct 15, 1926] (10/21/15)
November: In Spite of Thunder by John Dickson Carr [DOB: Nov 30, 1906] 
November: The Red Redmaynes by Eden Phillpotts [DOB: Nov 4, 1862] (11/7/15)
December: Three Doors to Death by Rex Stout [DOB: Dec 1, 1886] (12/28/15)


Unknown said...

Oh that looks like it was alot of fun!!

Bev Hankins said...

It was Joann!