Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vintage Bingo Year-End Wrap-Up

Greetings, Vintage Mystery Challengers! Well, we're headed towards the homestretch for 2015 challenges and it's time to set the stage for prize drawings and winners. Below, you will find the qualifications for prizes from the original challenge post:

 1. Challengers who complete one BINGO will be eligible for a drawing at the end of the year for a book from the prize list.
 2. Challengers who complete two or more BINGOs (either from the same card or BINGOs from each card) will be entered in a separate drawing with three winners--three times as many chances to win, again for their choice of a book from the prize list. 
In addition: Challengers who cover a card by completing all categories will also be eligible for a special prize drawing at the end of the year. Complete bonus prize package to be announced at that time. Two complete cards will earn two entries in the drawing. 

Bonus prize package for complete card winner = your choice
1. Two books from the prize box OR
2. Your very own Mystery Men or Mystery Women t-shirt designed by Bev & Kyle (click on the Bookwear Store link above to see the shirts--standard weight shirt only)

If you have a blog, please compose a wrap-up post and list all books read with the bingo square category fulfilled. When you post your link on the the Linky below, use your name and card fulfillment in the "name" slot to help me identify which prize drawing/s you are eligible for. Use the example which indicates the highest level attained. Examples:

Bev (One)
Bev (Two+)
Bev (Card covered)
Bev (Two cards covered) 

If you do not have a blog, please use the comment section to list your books, bingo square categories fulfilled, and your prize level (as indicated in the link-up examples).

The Linky will be open until January 8th and I will do the prize drawings as soon as possible thereafter. 


jdf21 said...

Jeff (2+ bingos)

Column G
The Chinese Orange Mystery - Ellery Queen (Color in Title) [1934]
The Chinese Gold Murders - Robert Van Gulik (Set Anywhere except U.S. or England) [1959]
The Journeying Boy - Michael Innes (Free spot - Author with Pseudonym) [1949]
Whistle Up the Devil - Derek Smith (Locked Room) [1953]
Green for Danger - Christianna Brand (Medical Mystery) [1944]
And be a Villian - Rex Stout (Professional Detective) [1948]

Column O
Thou Shell of Death - Nicholas Blake (TBR First Lines) [1936]
Death in 5 Boxes - Carter Dickson (Number in Title) [1938]
The Tiger in the Smoke - Margery Allingham (Animal in Title) [1952]
The Claverton Affair - John Rhode (Author Never Read Before) [1933]
The Red Right Hand - Joel Townsley Rogers (Something Spooky) [1945]
Dead Mrs. Stratton - Anthony Berkeley (Woman in Title) [1933]

Row 4
Whistle Up the Devil - Derek Smith (Locked Room) [1953]
The Claverton Affair - John Rhode (Author Never Read Before) [1933]
Smallbone Deceased - Michael Gilbert (Man in Title) [1950]
The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler (Outside Comfort Zone) [1939]
Beware of the Trains - Edmund Crispin (Short Story Collection) [1953]
Death Comes as the End - Agatha Christie (Historical Mystery) [1944]

Kate said...

Kate (Completed Gold Bingo Grid)

Colour in title = The Chinese Orange Mystery (1934)

Read one book set anywhere except the U. S. or UK = Murder on Safari by Elizabeth Huxley (1938)

Book that features a crime other than murder = No Wind of Blame by Georgette Heyer (Involves blackmail, shady deals) (1939)

Locked room or impossible crime = The Layton Court Mystery Anthony Berekley (1925)

Medical mystery Malice Aforethought by (1931) Frances Iles

Professional detective = The Sussex Downs Murder by John Bude (1936)

TBR = More work for the undertaker by Margery Allingham (1949)

One with number or quantity in title = the fifth man by manning coles

Animal in title = Let The Tiger Die by Manning Coles (1947)

Author you've never read before = Murder in a Hurry by Lockridge (1950)

Something spooky in title or cover = The Skeleton in the Clock by Carter Dickson (1948)

Woman in title = She died a lady by Carter Dickson (1943)

Set in entertainment world = The Silent Pool by Patricia Wentworth (1956)

Book been made into movie or TV show = Scales of Justice Ngaio Marsh (1955) Inspector Alleyn Mysteries played by Patrick Malahide (1993-93)

Amateur detective = Crime at Christmas by C. H. B. Kitchin(1934)

Man in title = The League of Frightened Men by Rex Stout (1935)

Academic mystery = Laurels are poison by Gladys Mitchell (1942)

Involves a mode of transportation = Death in the Air (1934) by Christopher St John Sprigg

Country House mystery = What Happened at Hazelwood by Michael Innes (1946)

Book with lawyer, courtroom, judge etc. = Trial and Error by Anthony Berekley (1937)

Book already read by fellow challenger = The Emperor’s Snuff Box by John Dickson Carr (1942) Ryan@Wordsmithonia in January

Book outside of comfort zone = The Case of the Buried Clock by Eric Stanley Gardner

Involves clergy or religion = A Gentle Murder by Dorothy Salisbury Davis

Author whose first or last name begins with the same letter as yours = The Frightened Stiff by Kelley Roos (1942)

Detective team = They Tell No Tales by Manning Coles (1941)

Time/Day/Month in title –drink to yesterday by manning coles

One book published in birth year of loved one/friend = The Benson Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine (1926) Grandad’s birthday.

One short story collection = Mr Campion and others by Margery Allingham (1939)

Book set in England or U. S. = The Longer Bodies by Gladys Mitchell (1930)

One book that you have borrowed = Death of a Ghost by Margery Allingham (1934)

Method of murder in title = Behold here’s poison by Georgette Heyer (1936)

Place in title = Murder in Piccadilly by Charles Kingston (1936)

Book published under more than one title = Spinsters in Jeopardy (1954) by Ngaio Marsh (a.k.a. The Bride of Death

Historical mystery = Captain Cutthroat by John Dickson Carr (1955) Napoleonic Wars

Pseudonym author = A Night of Errors by Michael Innes (a.k.a J. I. M. Stewart) (1948)

Book featuring food/drink or party = Surfeit of Lampreys by Ngaio Marsh (1941)

CS said...

Hi Bev,
Here is my list for the Golden Age Bingo. I have managed to complete lines one and five. Despite the arrival of a baby girl in February that thwarted my thirty book target i am pleased with what i have completed and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge as well as the fact that it had got me back into good reading habits. Thanks once again and happy new year to you. Regards Clint.

Colour in title - Black Welcome by Nigel fitzgerald

2. TBR - Murder comes home by Anthony Gilbert

3. Book set in entertainment world – Come to Paddington Fair by Derek Smith

4. Country House mystery – There came both Mist and Snow by Michael Innes

5. Detective team – Blood on the Knight by Lee Thayer

6. Book outside of USA & England – Out went the taper by R.C. Ashby (Wales)

7. Number in the title – Tragedy of the Thirteenth hole by Miles Burton

8. Place in the title – Fell Murder by E.C.R. Lorac

9. Amateur detective – Puzzle for Fools by Patrick Quentin

10. Courtroom book – The case of the dangerous dowager by E.S Gardner

11. Impossible crime – Death of Laurence Vining by Alan Thomas

12. Author never read before - Candles of the night by Anthony Carr

13. Short story collection – Scandal of Father Brown by G.K. Chesterton

14. Medical murder – Green for Danger by Christianna Brand

15. Spooky title - Death of a ghost by Margery Allingham

16. Academic mystery – The boat race murder by R.E. Swartwout

17. Clergy – Death treads softly by George Bellairs

18. Book set in US – Frame for murder by Kirke Mechem

19. Author under Pseudonym – Siamese Twin mystery by Ellery Queen

20. Professional detective - The Waxworks murder by John Dickson Carr

21. Mode of transport – Death of an Airman by C. St John Sprigg

22. Author name begins with same letter – Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie