Sunday, December 27, 2015

Challenge Complete: Back to the Classics

Well, I've decided that I've done as much as I'm going to do on this one. I've met the minimum six categories and added a bonus three more for a total of nine. I normally try to do all the categories but my classic reading just hasn't been quite up to snuff this year. Thanks to Karen for hosting this over at Books and Chocolate.

 Here are this year's categories:

1. 19th C Classic: 
2. 20th C Classic (between 1900-1965): Brighton Rock by Graham Greene [1938] (3/2/15)
3. Classic by a Woman Author: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie [1934; Classic Mystery] (9/23/15)
4. Classic in Translation: Paris in the 20th Century by Jules Verne translated by Richard Howard (10/11/15)
5. A Very Long Classic (500+ pages): 
6. A Classic Novella (less than 250 pages): The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham [228 pages] (1/22/15)
7. Classic with Person's Name in Title: The Murder of Sir Edmund Godfrey by John Dickson Carr [classic mystery author with one of the earliest fictional accounts of a true crime] (4/8/15)
8. Humorous/Satirical Classic: 
9. Forgotten Classic (less than 1,000 ratings on Goodreads): The Golden Slipper & Other Problems for Violet Strange by Anna Katharine Green (1/26/15)
10. Nonfiction Classic: Into the Valley by John Hersey [1943] (2/28/15)
11. Classic Children's Book: Penny Allen & the Mystery of the Hidden Treasure by Jean McKechnie [1950]
12. Classic Play: Antony & Cleopatra by Shakespeare (8/12/15)

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