Monday, November 10, 2014

Vintage Mystery Bingo 2015: My Sign-Up

I will be playing in the Vintage Mystery Bingo Hall again in 2015. I've got my dauber ready and am prepared to shout "Bingo!" If you'd like to join in on the mystery bingo fun, please click on the link for the full details and to sign up.
Here's a short version of the rules:  * All books must be from the mystery category (crime fiction, detective fiction, espionage, etc.).  The mystery/crime must be the primary feature of the book--ghost stories, paranormal, romance, humor, etc are all welcome as ingredients, but must not be the primary category under which these books would be labeled at the library or bookstore. 

*There are two cards—Silver Age or Golden Age Card—play one or both.  See full rules for Silver and Golden dates.

*Challenge runs from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. Sign up any time between now and November 4, 2015.  Any books read from January 1 on may count regardless of your sign-up date.

 I will be playing both cards and will consider my basic commitment fulfilled when I earn two Bingos on each card. Those who know me well will know that I won't stop there--my ultimate goal will be to cover both cards.

1. Ride the Pink Horse by Dorothy B. Hughes [1946] (1/3/15) [Out of Comfort Zone]
2. The Case of the Painted Girl by Frank King [1931] (1/6/15) [New Author]
3. Mother Finds a Body by Gypsy Rose Lee [1942] (1/12/15) [Woman in Title]
4. Death of a Dwarf by Harold Kemp [1955] (1/25/15) [Birthday]
5. The Golden Slipper & Other Problems for Violet Strange by Anna Katharine Green [1915] (1/26/15) [Have to Borrow]
6. One Touch of Blood by Samm Sinclair Baker [1955] (2/5/15) [Set in U.S./England]
7. Panic by Helen McCloy [1944] (2/22/15) [Country House]
8. The Secret of Magnolia Manor by Helen Wells [1949] (2/24/15) [Crime Other Than Murder]
9. The World's Best 100 Detective Stories Vol 1 by Eugene Thwing, ed [1929] (2/26/15) [Short Stories]
10. Brighton Rock by Graham Greene [1938] (3/2/15) [Place in Title]
11. Top of the Heap by A. A. Fair [1952] (3/11/15) [Detective Team]
12. Night Train to Paris by Manning Coles [1952] (3/14/15) [Transportation]
13. The Underdog & Other Stories by Agatha Christie [1951] (3/17/15) [Animal]
14. Poison Jasmine by Clyde B. Clason [1940] (4/5/15) [Method in Title]
15. The Murder of Sir Edmund Godfrey by John Dickson Carr [1936] (4/8/15) [Historical]
16. Murder in the Wind (aka Hurricane) by John D. MacDonald [1956] (4/13/15) [More Than One Title]
17. The Ringmaster's Secret by Carolyn Keene [1953] (4/16/15) [Amateur Detective
18. The Smiler with the Knife by Nicholas Blake (Cecil Day-Lewis) [1939] (4/21/15) [Pseudonymous Author] 
19. Call for Michael Shayne by Brett Halliday [1949] (4/22/15) [Same Initial/s] 
20. The Case of Colonel Marchand by E. C. R. Lorac [1933] (4/27/15) [Time/Day/Month/etc.] Bingo!
21.The Eye in the Museum by J. J. Connington [1929] (5/8/15) [Professional Detective]
22. The Three Fears by Jonathan Stagge [1949] (5/17/15) [Eat, Drink & Be Merry] Bingo! Two Ways!
23. Deep Lake Mystery by Carolyn Wells [1928] (5/25/15) [Locked Room/Impossible Crime]
24. Bones in the Barrow by Josephine Bell [1953] (5/29/15) [Medical Mystery]
25. Double Cross Purposes by Ronald A. Knox [1937] (6/3/15) [Clergy/Religion]
26. The Riddle of the Traveling Skull by Harry Stephen Keeler [1934] (6/21/15) [Spooky]
27. The A.B.C. Murders by Agatha Christie [1936] (6/22/15) [Movie/TV]
28. Whisper Murder! by Vera Kelsey [1946] (6/24/15) [Academic] Bingo!
29. Murder on Her Mind by Vechel Howard [1959] (6/27/15) [TBR 1st Lines]
30. The Turquoise Shop by Frances Crane [1941] (7/3/15) [Color]
31. The Case of the Borrowed Brunette by Erle Stanley Gardner [1946] (7/6/15) [Lawyer, Judge, etc]
32. Two & Two Make Twenty-Two by Gwen Bristow & Bruce Manning [1932] (7/23/15) [Number in Title] Bingo! Two Ways!
33. Keep Cool, Mr. Jones by Timothy Fuller [1950] (8/24/15) [Man in Title]
34. Death in Kashmir by M. M. Kaye [1953] (8/25/15) [Anywhere But US/England]
Bingo! Two Ways!
35. Black Alibi by Cornell Woolrich [1942] (9/23/15) [Entertainment World] Bingo! Two Ways!
36. The Red Box by Rex Stout [1936] (10/3/15) [Read by Another Challenger: Les Blatt]
Card Covered!

(1960-1989 Inclusive)
1. Police Procedurals by Martin H. Greenberg & Bill Pronzini, eds [1985] (1/9/15) [Professional Detective]

2. Death Over Deep Water by Simon Nash [1963] (2/8/15) [Mode of Transportation]
3. Caught Dead in Philadelphia by Gillian Roberts [1987] (2/11/15) [Academic mystery]
4. A Stitch in Time by Emma Lathen [1968] (2/17/15) [Pseudonymous Author]
5. Death & Mr. Prettyman by Kenneth Giles [1967] (3/6/15) [Lawyer, Judge, etc.]
6. The Playground of Death by John Buxton Hilton [1981] (3/18/15) [Historical]
7. Malice Domestic by Sara Woods [1962] (3/26/15) [Set in U.S./England] 
8. Murder Fantastical by Patricia Moyes [1967] (3/29/15) [Clergy/Religion]
9. Dine & Be Dead [aka Death Lives Next Door] by Gwendoline Butler [1960] (3/29/15) [More Than One Title]
10. The False Inspector Dew by Peter Lovesey [1982] (4/1/150) [Man in Title]
11. The Cavalier in White by Marcia Muller [1986] (4/18/15) [Color in Title]
12. The Wilberforce Legacy by Josephine Bell [1969] (4/19/15) [Birth Year--mine]
13. The Great Dinosaur Robbery by David Forrest [1970] (5/15/15) [Made into Movie]
14. The Abominable Man by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö [1971] (5/29/15) [Set Anywhere But US/England]
15. Falling Star by Patricia Moyes [1964] (6/12/15) [Entertainment World]
16. Young Mrs. Cavendish & the Kaiser's Men [1987] (7/4/15) [Woman in Title]
17. Hand of Fate by Michael Underwood [1981] (7/5/15) [Spooky]
18. The Crime & the Crystal by Elizabeth Ferrars [1985] (7/9/15) [Amateur Detective] BINGO!
19. Shadow of a Doubt by June Thomson [1981] (7/27/15) [Medical Mystery] BINGO!
20. The Penny Murders by Lionel Black [1979] (7/31/15) [Locked Room]
21. The Old Die Young by Richard Lockridge [1980] (8/9/15) [Detective Team]
22. Jewelled Eye by Douglas Clark [1985} (9/1/15) [Crime Other Than Murder] BINGO!
23. The Fourteen Dilemma by Hugh Pentecost [1976] (9/3/15) [Number in Title]
24. The Brandenbug Hotel by Pauline Glen Winslow [1976] (9/7/15) [Place in Title]
25. The Gay Phoenix by Michael Innes [1976] (9/15/15) [TBR 1st Lines]
26. Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters [1975] (9/28/15) [Animal in Title]
27. Happiness Is a Warm Corpse as edited by Alfred Hitchcock [1969] (10/7/15) [Short Story Collection]
28. Ax by Ed McBain [1964] (10/21/15) [Out of Comfort Zone]
29. Murder on Cue by Jane Dentinger [1983] (10/27/15) [Author Never Read Before] BINGO Two Ways!
30. There Hangs the Knife by Marcia Muller [1988] (10/29/15) [Method in Title]
31. Murder in the Hellfire Club [1978] (11/3/15) [Eat, Drink & Be Merry] BINGO!
32. In Spite of Thunder by John Dickson Carr [1960] (11/7/15) [Country House] BINGO!
33. Perpetual Check by Conrad Haynes [1988] (11/20/15) [Same Initial]
34. Murder at the ABA by Isaac Asimov [1976] (11/23/15) [Read by Another Challenger] BINGO Two Ways!
35. The Monday Theory by Douglas Clark [1983] (12/7/15) [Time, Day, Month in Title (12/7/15) BINGO Two Ways!
36. Game Without Rules by Michael Gilbert [1967] (12/14/15) [Have to Borrow] 
Card Covered!


Unknown said...

These BINGO challenges overwhelm me! Do you print it out to help you remember at first? Do you use Photoshop to daub your squares?
Maybe I'll do one of these next year. It seems like cheating to start now when I've already read so many mysteries.

Bev Hankins said...

Elizabeth: I keep a spreadsheet to help me with my challenges (I do a zillion). And I actually use Paint to do my squares.

You are welcome to join us this year--any books read from January 1 on count. If not, I'd love to have you along next year.

Julie S. said...

I love the BINGO challenge! I know it's late in the year, but I'd like to try anyway. How do I get started?

Bev Hankins said...

Julie: I'm sorry I didn't see your comment sooner--I've been away from the computer for a bit. If you check out the main challenge page (click the very first link above), you'll see the rules and what you'll need to do to get started. If you have specific questions, feel free to email me at phryne1969 AT gmail DOT com.