Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Challenge Complete: A-Z Mystery Authors

Every year I'm excited to get an email from Michelle saying that her A-Z Mystery Author challenge sign-up is ready to go. I love trying to fill out the alphabet with mystery authors.

My declared commitment for 2014 was for the letters A-M. But I'm an over-achiever, so I go for the entire alphabet (with a slight cheat on "X"). As you can see, I completed my commitment last month and I have now finished off the rest of the letters.

Here's my list (normally, I fill it in ahead of time--this year I'm going to fill them in as they come:
A: Exit Actors, Dying by Margot Arnold (2/4/14)
B: Cursed in the Act by Raymond Buckland (2/16/14)
C: Shelf Life by Douglas Clark (2/6/14)
D: The Skeleton in the Clock by Carter Dickson (1/8/14)
E: No. 9 Belmont Square by Margaret Erskine (6/21/14)
F: By the Watchman's Clock by Leslie Ford (5/23/14)
G: Vertigo 42 by Martha Grimes (9/4/14)
H: The Xiblaba Murders by Lyn Hamilton (1/18/14)
I: Lament for a Maker by Michael Innes (10/8/14)
J: Decoded by Mai Jia (4/5/14)
K: The Mangle Street Murders by M. R. C. Kasasian (8/5/14)
L: Death on the Aisle by Frances & Richard Lockridge (1/24/14)
M: Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell (1/5/14)
Commitment Complete 10/8/14
N: Death of a Dutchman by Magdalen Nabb (11/18/14)
O: Where There's Love, There's Hate by Silvina Ocampo & Adolfo Bioy Casares (2/5/14)
P: The Godwulf Manuscript by Robert B. Parker (6/19/17)
Q: Ellery Queen's 20th Anniversary Annual by Ellery Queen, ed (2/22/14)
R: Shake Hands Forever by Ruth Rendell (1/13/14)
S: Gambit by Rex Stout (2/8/14)
T: The Adventure of the Eleven Cuff-Buttons by James Francis Thierry (1/26/14)
U: Two for Sorrow by Nicola Upson (9/27/14)
V: The Winter Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine (1/23/14)
W: Darkness at Pemberely by T. H. White (1/30/14)
X: A Death for a Dancer by E. X. Giroux (9/28/14)
Y: The Dark Ring of Murder by Misa Yamamura (11/19/14)
Z: The Lady of Sorrows by Anne Zouroudi (4/26/14)

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