Monday, November 24, 2014

Adam's 2015 TBR Pile Challenge


Adam from Roof Beam Reader is taking us on another round of TBR Tower Taming with his 2015 TBR Pile Challenge. I love challenges and I'm all about the ones that will help me knock out some of those stacks in my back room.

Here's the main point: If you join Adam's challenge, then you will sign up to read 12 books (one for each month) from your TBR list. You are allowed two alternates just in case you just can't finish a book for whatever reason. Each of these books must have been on your TBR list for AT LEAST one year. None of the books may have a publication date of 1/1/14 or later (yes, Adam will be checking).

For the full run-down of challenge details, hop over to Adam's blog (click on link above), read the rules, and join me in my quest to reduce the teetering stacks.

Here's my list:
1. The Stars, Like Dust by Isaac Asimov (pub 1951; on my TBR since 1993) [5/31/15]
2. The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon (pub 1966; on my TBR since 2013) [7/8/15]
3. Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood (pub 1996; on my TBR since 2010) [8/16/15]
4. Lost Laysen by Margaret Mitchell (1st pub 1996 [written 1916]; on my TBR since 2006) [2/17/15]
5. The Mote in God’s Eye by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle (pub 1974; on my TBR since 1999) [4/12/15]
6. Robert F. Kennedy: His Life & Death by American Heritage, eds (pub 1968; on my TBR since 1991) [4/15/15]
7. The Humphrey Bogart Murder Case by George Baxt (pub 1995; on my TBR since at least 2011) [6/26/15]
8. Dine and Be Dead by Gwendoline Butler [pub 1960; on my TBR since 2009] (3/29/15)
9. Who Is Lewis Pinder? by L. P. Davies (pub 1965; on my TBR since January 2014)
10. Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home by James Tiptriee, Jr. [pub 1973; on my TBR since 1988] (1/2/15)
11. Death in Kashmir by M. M. Kaye [pub 1953; on my TBR since 2011] (8/25/15)
12. The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl [pub 2007; on my TBR since 2009] (9/25/15)

1. A Pound of Paper Confessions of a Book Addict by John Baxter (pub 2002; on my TBR since 2012) [10/24/15]
2. A Knife in the Back by Bill Crider (pub 2002; on my TBR since 2006)


Anonymous said...

What a fascinating list! I really liked The Crying of Lot 49, but as with any Pynchon book, it is a little bizarre. Also - you get to have 14 books total, FYI. 12 in the main pile and then the 2 alternates... I know you're a pro at this by now, but I thought I'd point it out in case you forgot (maybe you're just still completing your list? I dunno!) :)

Bev Hankins said...

Adam: Boy do I feel sheepish. Yes...I knew that. Except I forgot. Two more books coming up. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great list! I read The Crying of Lot 49 in college and really enjoyed the dicussion.