Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vintage Science Fiction Month

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From Redhead at Little Red Reviewer:
It’s time to start thinking about Vintage Science Fiction month!  Since 2012 I’ve dedicated the month of January to reading “older than I am” science fiction, and invited the entire blogosphere to come with me on an interstellar journey across the stars and into our own minds. We’ve met trickster aliens, ridden dragons, won wars, negotiated with hive minds  and tried to understand androids. We’ve read satire, space opera, high concept metaphysics, alternate histories and impossible futures. We’ve gone to Venus, Mars, the center of the Earth, and beyond the edges of the galaxy.   Beyond books, bloggers have talked about radio programs, movies, and TV shows.
You should come with us this year!

What Qualifies:
Anything or anyone who created science fiction, or something speculative fiction-ish that was published (or recorded, or put on TV or the silver screen) before 1979.  It can be hard scifi, or not. Have aliens, or not.  Fantasy is OK too.  Jules Verne is perfect, so is Mary Shelley. Or maybe War of the Worlds, original Star Trek, C.L. Moore, Isaac Asimov, Andre Norton, Cordwainer Smith, Clifford Simak, Ursula K. LeGuin, Kurt Vonnegut, James Tiptree Jr, A.E. van Vogt, Frank Herbert,  I can go on forever here.

I am in for another round. Like last year, my commitment will be at least two science fiction reads in January.

1. Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home by James Tiptree, Jr. [1973] (1/2/15)
2. Asimov's Choice: Black Holes & Bug-Eyed Monsters by George H. Scithers (ed) [1977] (1/9/15)
3. Alpha 2 by Robert Silverberg (ed) [1971] (1/18/15)
4. Rod Serling's Twilight Zone Revisited by Walter B. Gibson (adapted by) [1964] (1/20/15)
5. The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham [1951] (1/22/15)

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