2019 Challenges/Challenge Addict

You know what they say about the best laid plans....Despite my resolution to read only books from my personally owned TBR stacks (don't worry, I have plenty of books) and the resolution to only sign up for challenges which I can meet reading my own books, I know I will keep adding challenges to my list like they're going out of style. So, of course I'm going to have to sign up for the Reading Challenge Addict Challenge.  This challenge support group/group of enablers was the brainchild of two lovely ladies: Cheryl of CMash Reads and Gina at Hott Books.  They are also the Hostesses with the Mostest over at Partner in Crime Tours and Providence Book Promotions.  They got very busy with their book tour sites and asked me to step in and shepherd our little group of Challenge Addicts.  I took up the reins....and here we go for another year of challenge madness.  For details on the challenge rules and levels, hop on the site above. 

And my Challenge Level?  As mentioned, I have a real problem with challenge self-control...So, sign me up for the top level, baby.

Out of This World: 16+ Challenges (Entered & Completed)

This year I am using my Reading Challenge Addict sign-up as my list for the 2019 Challenges. I will list them below as I plunge deeper and deeper into the challenge abyss. And then I will add the date completed when I have finished them.

1. Just the Facts Ma'am (Completed )
2. Mount TBR (Completed )
3. Virtual Mount TBR (Completed)
4. Calendar of Crime (Completed )
5. Monthly Key Word (Completed )
6. Color Coded (Completed)
7. Alphabet Soup-Authors Edition (Completed )
8. Alphabet Soup (Completed )
9. PopSugar Challenge (Completed)
10. Cruisin' Thru the Cozies (Completed )
11. Craving for Cozies (Completed )
12. Family Tree Reading Challenge (Completed )
13. Historical Reading Challenge (Completed )
14. Ngaio Marsh Challenge Part II (Completed )
15. A Century of Books [two-year] (2nd year Completed )
16. Read One Million Pages [perpetual] (2019 Goal Completed )
17. Book Challenge by Erin 10.0 (Completed )
18. World at War (Completed )
19. Monthly Motif (Completed )
20. Cloak & Dagger (Completed)
21. SpaceTime Challenge (Completed )
22. Reading Challenge Throwback (Completed )
23. Print Only 2019 (Completed )
24. 52 Books in 52 Weeks (Completed )
25. 52 Books: Agatha Christie Perpetual Challenge (3 books Completed )
26. 2019 European Reading Challenge (Completed )
27. Back to the Classics Challenge (Completed )
28. British Crime Classics (Completed )

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