Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One Million Pages in a Lifetime

Julie over at Smiling Shelves has developed a blog-version of the Read One Million Pages Challenge that she found out on Goodreads.  This is a perpetual challenge with one simple goal: to read one million pages during your lifetime.  If you'd like to join us on this ultimate quest, then please click on the link above to sign up on Julie's page.

We are welcome to use page counts that we have already documented to give us a launching pad to boost us towards our goal.  According to Goodreads, I have read 206,286 pages from 1975 (my earliest sure date) through 2012.  I'm quite sure that's a little shy of the mark--there are lots of books that I didn't have a date for when I logged my books on Goodreads (my lazy, good-for-nothing younger self didn't seem to think putting a date read by the books in my reading log was necessary most of the time) and those books don't seem to be counting towards the total--but at least what I've got will give me a good start.  I'll keep a running total of pages below. And...in order to count this toward my yearly challenge goals, I will pledge to read at least 40,000 pages each year to merit counting the year's goal as complete.

Update (1/1/17): After two years in a row where I did not meet my 40,000 page goal, I am going to reduce my challenge commitment. In 2017, I will need to read 35,000 page to count the challenge as complete for the year. We'll see if I meet that before making it my standard goal.
2nd Update (12/31/17): The older I get, the fewer hefty tomes I read. For 2018, I'm lowering the goal to 30,000. If I make that again, we'll make it the standard goal till I can't do it anymore. 

Starting Page Count: 206,286

2013 Page Count: 43,939           Grand Total: 250,225
2014 Page Count: 43,558           Grand Total: 293,783
2015 Page Count: 37,873           Grand Total: 331,656
2016 Page Count: 34,390           Grand Total: 366,046
2017 Page Count: 32,727           Grand Total: 398,773
2018 Page Count: 31,512           Grand Total: 430,285
2019 Page Count: 34,408           Grand Total: 464,693
2020 Page Count:                       Grand Total: 

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Unknown said...

Okay, this is super cool. I have got to do this! :-) I wonder how many pages I have so far?