Friday, October 25, 2019

Monthly Motif 2020

Click on the link for full details. For this challenge each month is assigned a motif or theme. The task is to read one book each month that fits the motif...I've listed my tentative choices below.

January "Winter Wonderland": The Death of a Joyce Scholar by Bartholomew Gill (set in Ireland, that beautiful green island that I'd love to visit one day) [1/31/20]

February "Seeing Red": Red Threads by Rex Stout (2/14/20)

March "Sub-Genre Sound Off" [Academic Mystery]: Good Luck to the Corpse by Max Murray (victim teaches at a Language School--much of the plot centers on the school) [3/30/20]

April "Classics or Currents" (Birth Year): Nobody's Perfect by Douglas Clark (4/20/20)

May "Author Introduction" (New to Me Author):  4 Feet in the Grave by Amelia Reynolds Long (5/30/20)

June "Name or Number": Thirteen Guests by J. Jefferson Farjeon (6/10/20)

July "Around or Out of this World": Death in Berlin by M. M. Kaye (7/31/20)

August "Creature Feature":  The Proud Cat by Frances & Richard Lockridge (8/3/20)

September "When Text Just Isn't Enough": Detective novel with either map or family tree or crossword puzzle included: Out of Control by Baynard Kendrick (9/12/20)

October "Thrills & Chills": The Revenge of the Wizard's Ghost by John Bellairs (10/3/20)

November "Dynamic Duos": If the Shroud Fits by Kelley Roos (Jeff & Haila Troy) [11/13/20]

December "Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice": Mrs. Jeffries & the Feast of St. Stephen by Emily Brightwell (12/4/20)


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Kimberly said...

I love your book choices!! Thanks for joining us.