Monday, January 20, 2014

Vintage Scavenger Hunt: Winners!

Review Site

I had four participants go for the prizes in the Vintage Scattergories Scavenger Hunt.  Those lucky winners are Christina from You Book Me All Night Long; Neer from A Hot Cup of Pleasure; Angela from Tantos Livros Tao Pouco Tempo; and John at Pretty Sinister Books.  Thanks to all four of you for joining me for a little scavenger hunt fun.

Christina managed a perfect score before some of the review and wrap-up links went bad.  She identified every image with all components--including the bonus points for identifying the blog where the book was reviewed.  Neer and Angela got perfect scores on the remaining good links which gave them a score equivalent to John's.  So, you know what?  Just like on Oprah--Christina...You're a Winner!  And Neer...You're a Winner!  And Angela...You're a Winner! And John...You're a Winner!  Everybody's a Winner! 

I'll be contacting you all with a prize offer...but in the meantime, Congratulations!