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Vintage Scattegories 2013 Final Wrap-Up

I just realized that I didn't post a final wrap-up for my very own Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge.  I was just sure that I might go crazy and try to do all the categories.  Those who know me well will not be surprised to see that not only did I do all the categories...I did a few of them more than once....
Here's what I read:
(Category #1) Colorful Crime: The Puzzle of the Silver Persian by Stuart Palmer [1943] (1/15/13) 
(Category #1) Colorful Crime: The Green Plaid Pants by Margaret Scherf [1951] (3/3/13)
(Category #1) Colorful Crime: Murder & Blueberry Pie by Frances & Richard Lockridge [1959] (9/3/13)
(Category #2) Murder by the Numbers: Death Knocks Three Times by Anthony Gilbert [1949] (9/27/13)
(Category #3) Amateur Night: The Mummy Case Mystery by Dermot Morrah [1933] (7/3/13)
(Category #3) Amateur Night: The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene [1930] (9/17/13)
(Category #4) Leave It to the Professionals: Dead Man Control by Helen Reilly [1936] (7/6/13)
(Category #5) Jolly Old England: Mist on the Saltings by Henry Wade [1933] (7/26/13)
(Category #6) Yankee Doodle Dandy: Sally's in the Alley by Norbert Davis [1943] (3/25/13)
(Category #7) World Traveler: Death in Zanzibar by M. M. Kaye [1959] (6/25/13)
(Category #8) Dangerous Beasts: The Talking Sparrow Murders by Darwin L. Teilhet [1934] (5/6/13) AND Death & The Gentle Bull by Frances & Richard Lockridge [1954] (6/29/13)
(Category #9) A Calendar of Crime: Holiday Homicide by Rufu King [1940; New Year's]
(Category #10) Wicked Women: The Lady in the Morgue by Jonathan Latimer [1936] (3/10/13)
(Category #10) Wicked Women: Black Widow by Patrick Quentin [1952] (4/3/13)
(Category #11) Malicious Men: Malcolm Sage: Detective by Herbert Jenkins [1921] (9/8/13)
(Category #12) Murderous Methods: Spotted Hemlock by Gladys Mitchell [1958] (7/18/13)
(Category #13) Staging the Crime: Unhappy Hooligan by Stuart Palmer [1956; Circus performers] (3/24/13)
(Category #13) Staging the Crime: A Bullet in the Ballet by Caryl Brahms & S. J. Simon [1937] (8/28/13)
(Category #14) Scene of the Crime: Murder on Safari by Elspeth Huxley [1938] (6/8/13)
(Category #15) Cops & Robbers: The Cavalier's Cup by Carter Dickson [1953] (2/5/13)
(Category #16) Locked Rooms: Till Death Do Us Part by John Dickson Carr [1944] (8/2/13)
(Category #17) Country House Criminals: Sleep No More by Margaret Erskine [1958]
(Category #18) Murder on the High Seas: Inland Passage by George Harmon Coxe [1953] (5/2/3)
(Category # 19) Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Death in the Air by Agatha Christie [1935] (8/5/13)
(Category #20*) Murder Is Academic: Murder at Cambridge by Q. Patrick [1933] (10/15/13)
(Category #20*) Murder Is Academic: Corpses at Indian Stones by Philip Wylie [1943] (2/7/13)
(Category #21) Things That Go Bump in the Night: The Devil's Stronghold by Leslie Ford [1948] (4/21/13)
(Category #22) Repeat Offenders: The Mystery of Hunting's End by Mignon G. Eberhart [1930] (3/29/13)
(Category #23) The Butler Did It...or Not: The Door by Mary Roberts Rinehart [1930] (8/22/13)
(Category #24) A Mystery by Any Other Name: London Particular (aka Fog of Doubt) by Christianna Brand [1952] (7/22/13)
(Category #25) Dynamic Duos: Murder Within Murder by Frances & Richard Lockridge [1946] (6/14/13)  Pam & Jerry North
(Category #25) Dynamic Duos: The Yellow Violet by Frances Crane [1942] (9/30/13) Pat & Jean Abbott
(Category #26) Size Matters: The Long Farewell by Michael Innes [1958] (8/3/13)
(Category #27) Psychic Phenomena: The Curse of the Bronze Lamp by Carter Dickson [1945] (5/27/13) Egyptian seer predicts Lady Helen Loring will disappear--she does.
(Category #28) Book to Movie: The Lady Vanishes (aka The Wheel Spins) by Ethel Lina White [1936] (3/17/13)
(Category #29) The Old Bailey: Tragedy at Law by Cyril Hare [1942] (6/21/13)
(Category #29) The Old Bailey: Death at the Bar by Ngaio Marsh [1940] (8/28/13)

Extra Categories [Added after my initial commitment.  I will complete them if possible, but challenge completion will be fulfilling the original list.]
(Category 30) Serial Killers: The Chinese Parrot by Earl Derr Biggers [1926] (the Charlie Chan stories first appeared as serials in The Saturday Evening Post) [6/18/13]
(Category 31) Killed in Translation: Maigret's Christmas by

(Category 32)  Blondes in Danger: The Bamboo Blonde by Dorothy B. Hughes [1941] (12/31/13)
(Category 33) International Detectives: The Mountains Have a Secret by Arthur W. Upfield [Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte,
a half-caste Aborigine in Australia] (4/16/13)
(Category 34) Somebody Else's Crime: The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers [also read by Rich @ Past Offenses] (6/12/13) 

(Category 35) Genuine Fakes: The Black Stage by Anthony Gilbert {Lucy Beatrice Malleson} (7/27/13)
(Category 35) Genuine Fakes: The Dreadful Hollow by Nicholas Blake {Cecil Day Lewis} [1953] (9/19/13)
(Category 36) Hobbies Can Be Murder: Miss Silver Deals With Death by Patricia Wentworth [1943] {knitting} (finished 5/28/13)
(Category 37) Get Out of Jail Free: {Reread a Favorite!} A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (8/1/13)
I've started my first book for Vintage about you?

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