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Attention All Challengers! here on the Block has been, shall we say, challenging since I got back from vacation. I cam back to work to no computer (not hooked up after our office move) and my laptop at home has gone on strike. It looks like the Check-in Posts for the Just the Facts & Mount TBR challenges will wind up happening at the end of July instead of the regularly scheduled mid-point. But they are coming. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Suggests Color Reviews

Please post reviews below


Anonymous said...

That's a wrap for Bev's long-running colourful reading! :) When I first joined, I scraped together titles. Now I find so many possibilities at home, I'm raising my own to higher numbers. An outlet for the excess. Thank you for a fun theme, as always! Yours Truly, Carolyn.

Marj said...

I added another book that I read that I think might qualify as implying color--Dyed and Gone by Beth Yarnall. The main character is a hairdresser.