Thursday, October 7, 2010

Booking Through Thursday: Travel With Books

This week's Booking Through Thursday question: When you travel, how many books do you bring with you? Has this changed since the arrival of ebooks?

Well, it all depends on how long the trip is. But I always take at least 2-3 even if it's only a day or two. One never knows what might come up and force one to have periods of time where a book might come in real handy. Bad weather on an outdoorsy trip? Read! Stuck in traffic/at the airport/anywhere? Read! (That's why there's always a book in my purse...)

Ebooks have not changed my habits one iota. I don't have a Kindle or a Nook or an ipad or any transportable device. I don't plan on buying one. But I will say this: Travel is the only reason I can imagine wanting one. If I made long trips (especially by plane) more often than I do, then I could see ebooks being a great way to have plenty of books on tap without the weight of lugging them around. Other than that, my take on ebooks (and my family, friends, & coworkers are getting a tad bit tired of hearing my speech on this)--there is absolutely NOTHING like holding a real book in your hands. Or at least my hands.


Manga Maniac said...

I agree that there is nothing like reading a physical book. Turning the pages, looking at the glossy cover - you just can't do that with an ereader.

BUT! I hate lugging around heavy books, so I am trying to make the transition to ebooks when I am on the road.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! If it's bad weather without a book...ugh that is the worst.

CMash said...

I own an EReader but would pack PBs for travel.

Suzanne said...

I have a nook and it is really convenient for travelling, however I think I still need to bring an old-fashioned book when I fly as you must power down all devices for takeoff and landing and I'd be in withdrawal for those 10 minutes!

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Gilion at Rose City Reader said...

I agree with you right down the line -- I could have cut and pasted your post.

We were just on vacation and had a couple of very rainy days when it was no fun to go outside at all. I was glad to have a couple of hefty books to keep me entertained.

Anonymous said...

I reduce a stack of about 10 books to 2 trade paperbacks and Kindle when I fly to Asia. The length of the trip is key to how many hard copies I'm bringing. I almost never use my Kindle when I'm not traveling.

Yvonne said...

I used to bring around 10 paperbacks on vacation with me, but now it's just the Nook and it's been great for traveling.

Anonymous said...

I prefer real books too! I am slowly warming up to the idea of getting an e-reader. However, I would probably still take a book or two as back ups.
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