Sunday, October 10, 2010

100 Plus Give-Away!

I have finally managed to gather 100-Plus Followers. As promised, to celebrate this very exciting milestone, I have planned a 100-Plus Give-Away. This time the give-away is a triple-threat: Lucky winners with have a choice of three prize packages made up of three books each. Each package contains at least one book in fine to mint condition and the remaining book/s will be at least fair reading copies. And once again I'm offering my favorite genre--mysteries--with a focus on my favorite mystery writer, Dorothy L Sayers. There will be two winners--names drawn by my very handsome, soon-to-be Eagle Scout, son. The first lucky winner will have first choice of the prize packages and the second lucky winner will have their choice of the remaining two.

Here are the rules--pretty simple. 1. You must be a follower to enter. 2. Please leave a comment below asking to be signed up. 3. Include your email address so I can contact you if you win. 4. Tell me your favorite mystery author (if you have one)--just because I'm curious. That's it! Good luck! And thanks for following! Entries will be accepted until October 31. On Halloween night, my son will draw names and I will contact the winners by Monday, November 1. International entrants are welcome--if I can mail it to you, you can win!

First Package: An
introduction to Sayers' sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey. This package includes Whose Body? and Clouds of Witness (the first two Wimsey novels) as well as Murder Must Advertise. Whose Body? has Wimsey investigating the strange circumstance of the naked body in the bath. Naked, that is, except for a pair of gold pince-nez perched on his nose. Clouds of Witness finds Wimsey searching for clues to exonerate his own brother from a charge of murder. And if murder in the family isn't enough...there is a vanishing midnight letter from Egypt, a grieving fiancee with suitcase in hand, and a bullet destined for one very special Wimsey. Murder Must Advertise shows off Wimsey's acting skills. He goes undercover in an advertising agency in search of the killer of adman, Victor Dean. He soon discovers that there's more to copy-writing than meets the eye.

Second Package: The first three novels of the
Lord Peter and Harriet Vane novels. These novels are delightful mysteries...but also show Lord Peter's character growth as he sorts out his growing attachment to Miss Vane. Includes Strong Poison, Have His Carcase, and Gaudy Night. In Strong Poison, Wimsey begins following the murder trial of Miss Harriet Vane, accused of murdering her former lover. Not only does he thinks she's innocent, but he falls head over heels in love with her. When a second trial is called for, Wimsey goes all out to save the innocent...and love. In Have His Carcase, Harriet Vane, freshly exonerated of murder, decides that what she needs is a walking tour. She sets out to escape the memories of murder only to find the body of a dead man lying on rock that will soon be covered by the sea. She photographs the body and from that moment she is puzzled by a mystery that might have been suicide, murder, or a political plot. Wimsey arrives and the two of them plumb the depths of murder...and relationships. Gaudy Night finds Harriet back at her old college. Someone is handing round nasty notes and playing terrible tricks on the students and fellows of the college. Can Harriet...and Lord Peter get to the bottom of it before something worse happens?

Third Package: For those who just aren't feeling whimsical--a mixed bag of mysteries:

Maisie Dobbs (Jacqueline Winspear) "The daughter of a struggling greengrocer, Maisie Dobbs was only thirteen when she was sent to work as a maid for wealthy London aristocrats. But being bright & thoughtful beyond her years, Maisie studies her way to Cambridge, then serves as a nurse in the Great War. Now, it's the spring of 1929...and Maisie has just opened her own detective agency. Her first assignment, a seemingly open-and-shut infidelity case, will reveal a much deeper, darker mystery, forcing Maisie to revisit the horrors of the war & the ghost she left behind."

Murder at Bertram's Bower (Cynthia Peale): In a haven for fallen women, has history's most depraved killer risen again? Caroline Ames and her genteel brother, Addington, are investigating two grisly murders of young women, the work, say the police, of "a deranged person." For Caroline, solving the mystery is a matter of helping an old friend who runs a home for wayward women known as Bertram's Bower. But for Addington, the investigation will lead to the revelations of a sexually alluring, scandal-struck actress...and to the secrets of some of Boston's most "respectable" men.

In the Last Analysis (Amanda Cross): Introducing Kate Fan
sler, young, witty, erudite professor of literature at a large metropolitan university. She's a favorite teacher with students. And a suspect for murder. A beautiful young woman asked for help and Kate recommended a top-notch psychiatrist--and former lover. But in her last analysis, the student wound up dead. Why would any analyst--let alone one of Kate's best friends--leave a lovely corpse on his couch? Kate decides to do a little sleuthing on her own--searching "Psychiatrists' Row" for a doctor with a death wish.


Irene Palfy said...

AARGHH!! I just noticed that I forgot to sign in for becoming a follower to your blog!! Please, forgive me!!! :"(

For the giveaway: Is it international? ;")

If your answer is YES:

Please, count me in. :")

If you answer is NO:
I completely understand that!

If your answer is either YES or NO:
I love the Daisy Dalrymple mysteries by Carola Dunn (which was not completely released in Germany - same for the Maisie Dobbs mysteries, which I like too, though they only released the first and the third(!!!!) book) - and Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, of course.

Bev Hankins said...

I updated the post...but International Followers are welcome to sign up!

BookQuoter said...

I have not really read a lot of mysteries but I'm working on it. I would love to read more Sayers books.

Old loyal follower, as you know!

bookquoter at gmaildotcom

Irene Palfy said...

Yay! ;")

Katie L. said...

Hooray! Please sign me up!

You have my email. :)

I'm not usually a mystery reader, but I am very much enjoying "The Wench Is Dead."

Ruth said...

I am a follower.

Isn't it great to reach this milestone? I love Agatha Christie and Erle Stanley Gardner books (Perry Mason). I have read some John Grisham. I would say my favorite mystery book is "Murder on the Orient Express." I think because I almost had it figured out!

kalea_kane said...

Oh I just adore mysteries of all kinds. I think Sue Grafton is tops on my list. I devour each and every one of her books! Congrats on the 100 plus followers!!!!


Yep...I'm a follower and an Over 40 one at that. :)

Natalie~Coffee and a Book Chick said...

I'm all about entering this one, I've been a follower! I've always enjoyed Tess Gerritsen!


Congratulations on 100 followers!

Jamie Manning said...

I'm a follower, please enter me! And my favorite mystery author is Mary Higgins Clark...I love her! And thanks for the awesome giveaway!

And way to go on reaching 100!

Marce said...

I'm a new follower. My favourite is Mary Higgins Clark and I see another follower said the same.

Please sign me up for the giveaway.