2021 Challenges/Challenge Addict


At this point, I think there's very little expectation that I won't sign up for all the things. I keep thinking I might cut back on my challenges...but, yeah, no. My goal is still to keep reading primarily from my own stacks and that might limit my choices on what I read, but there always seems to be plenty of challenges to do even with that resolution. So, here I am again signing up for the Reading Challenge Addict Challenge. With my challenge-aholic ways, I'll be signing up for the top level:

Out of  This World: 16+ Challenges (Entered & Completed)

This will also be the place where I keep track of my ever-growing list.

Here we go....

2. Vintage Scattergories (Absolutely Complete 9/25/21--all categories in Gold & Silver)
3. Mount TBR (7/13/21) (Mount Olympus scaled 9/23/21) still reading
4. Virtual Mount TBR (4/1/21) still reading
5. Color Coded (date completed 5/31/21)
6. Calendar of Crime (3/28/21)
7. Medical Examiner Challenge (2/14/21) Still reading
9. Monthly Key Word (date completed)
10 Monthly Motif (date completed)
11. The 52 Book Club (7/3/21)
13. Alphabet Soup (7/20/21))
16. Read One Million Pages [perpetual] (commitment met 7/22/21) still reading
17. BC by Erin 14.0 (1/28/21) Bonus complete 3/6/21
18. Cloak & Dagger (date completed 5/7/21)
19. Historical Fiction (1/22/21) still reading
20. Linz the Bookworm's 2021 Reading Challenge (4/21/21) still reading
21. 52 Books in 52 Weeks (date completed)
22. Pick Your Poison (2/20/21) Commitment met, still reading.
23. European Reading Challenge (3/2/21) still reading
24. What's in a Name? (4/7/21)
25. Reporter's Challenge (4/1/21) Absolutely complete 6/15/21
27. BC by Erin 15.0 (7/15/21)
28. PopSugar 2021 (8/22/21)
29. Nancy Drew Challenge (ongoing through 2022)

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