Thursday, January 1, 2015

Vintage Bingo Headquarters: Reviews & More

I like my "Headquarters" style of challenge management so well that I'm going to continue it in 2015. Here you will find the link to the original challenge post.  Also, each month I will enable a Monthly Review Link where posts for that month can be linked up.  The link will be open a few days into the next month.  If you miss posting a review to its particular month, then feel free to add it to the next.  You may also use the review links to declare Bingos as you accumulate them. The Final Wrap-Up Link will go live towards the end of the year. Please hold all wrap-ups until that time. Thanks!

Good luck and Happy Bingo-ing! 

Original Challenge Post

January Reviews
February Reviews
March Reviews
April Reviews 
May Reviews
June Reviews
July Reviews
August Reviews
September Reviews
October Reviews
November Reviews
December Reviews

Final Bingo Wrap-up

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