Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 Vintage Bingo Prize Winners

Just a quick post to let my 2014 Vintage Mystery Bingo Wrap-Up posters know that I will be sending emails regarding prizes on Saturday (Jan. 10). Work this week has been crazy and with so many participants earning automatic prizes (and then some bonus winners as well), I've got a bit of logistics to work out. I need my best thinking cap for that....and it's getting used up in the office these days. Be watching for that email from your Bingo Hall hostess....

I did go ahead and plug in the Custom Random Number Generator for those who had completed the minimum one Bingo and after chugging a bit (I may have to have a specialist look at it) it spit out another two (those who have been paying attention to the prize offerings from my other challenges will note that the CRNG seems to love the #2 this year). And the owner of Link #2 is Major from "Major Yammerton." Congratulations, Major! I will be contacting you on Saturday as well.

Thanks to everyone for playing Bingo with me last year. Hope to see you in the Bingo Hall during 2015.

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