Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Challenge Complete: Semi-Charmed Autumn

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I thoroughly enjoyed Megan's summer challenge and even got to be one of the lucky winners to suggest a category for autumn.  And now I've completed the Autumn Challenge as well.

Here are the books I read:

5: Read a book that does not have "the," "a" or "an" in the title: Foundation by Isaac Asimov (10/4/13)

10: Read a book that has been featured in Oprah's Book Club: The Measure of a Man by Sidney Poitier (10/6/13)

10: Read a book that takes place in the state where you currently live. If you do not live in the U.S., read a book that takes place in the country where you live (Submitted by SCSBC13 winner Megan.)  Laddie: A True Blue Story by Gene Stratton Porter (10/22/13)

15: Read an epistolary novel, which is a book written in letters, emails, diary entries or other documents: Cold Earth by Sarah Moss (10/18/13)

15: Read a book first published in 2013: Unthinkable by Richard Cibrano (10/12/13)

15: Read a book with something spooky in the title (Submitted by SCSBC13 winner Bev.): The Haunted Doll's House by M. R. James (10/9/13)

20: Read a book with "air," "water," "earth" or "fire" in the title (Submitted by SCSBC13 winner Gypsi.): The Water Room by Christopher Fowler (10/25/13)

20: Read a book on which a TV series has been based: Gently Go Man by Alan Hunter (10/27/13) [gave rise to the Inspector George Gently series; avg page # 209, based on physical copies logged on Goodreads]

25: Read a fiction book that has someone's first and last name in the title: The Dorothy Parker Murder Case by George Baxt (11/19/13)

30: Read two books by the same author. They can be in the same series, but do not have to be. Co-authors do not count (i.e. the author must be the sole author of each book): Death Is in the Air (11/10/13) and Check-out Time by Kate Kingsbury (11/13/13)

35: Read a fiction and nonfiction book about the same topic: The Murder Stone by Charles Todd [fiction] (11/8/13) and Good-Bye to All That by Robert Graves [nonfiction] (The Great War/World War I)  [11/7/13]

Points So Far: 200  Complete!

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Sounds like a fun challenge!