Thursday, August 30, 2012

R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril VII

Seven years ago Carl V. started the R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril, or R.I.P. for short, event wherein we the people spend however little, or much, time we want over the months of September and October imbibing all things ghastly and ghostly. 

The purpose of R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril VII is to enjoy books and movies/television that could be classified (by you) as:

Dark Fantasy 

Or anything sufficiently moody that shares a kinship with the above.

No longer using the title "Challenge," Carl gives us two simple goals for R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril VII

1. Have fun reading.
2. Share that fun with others.

As Carl does each and every year, there are multiple levels of participation (Perils) that allow you to be a part of R.I.P. VII without adding the burden of another commitment to your already busy lives. There is even a one book only option for those who feel that this sort of reading is not their cup of tea (or who have many other commitments) but want to participate all the same.  Click on the ink at the top to join in.

R.I.P. VII officially runs from September 1st through October 31st. But Carl has given us the go ahead to break the rules. Start today if you want to!!!

Multiple perils await you. You can participate in just one, or participate in them all.

Here are my chosen Perils:

Peril the First:
Read four books, any length, that you feel fit (the very broad definitions) of R.I.P. literature. It could be King or Conan Doyle, Penny or Poe, Chandler or Collins, Lovecraft or Leroux…or anyone in between.

My anticipated reading list:
1. The Necropolis Railway by Andrew Martin (9/7/12)
2. A Stranger in My Grave by Margaret Millar (9/10/12)
3. Vincent Price: The Art of Fear by Denis Meikle (9/13/12)
4. The Somnambulist by Jonathan Barnes (9/16/12)
5. The White Forest by Adam McOmber (9/18/12)

AND this year I'm upping the ante a bit and jumping in to also do

Peril on the Screen:
This is for those of us that like to watch suitably scary, eerie, mysterious gothic fare during this time of year. It may be something on the small screen or large. It might be a television show, like Dark Shadows or Midsomer Murders, or your favorite film. If you are so inclined, please post links to any R.I.P.-related viewing you do on to the Review Site as well.

I thought I'd do a mini-marathon with Vincent Price, one of the kings of classic horror films.  Definite viewings listed below.  And, depending on time, I may add more.

1. The Great Mouse Detective (1986) with Vincent Price as the voice of Professor Ratigan
2. Laura (1944) with Vincent Price, Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews & Clifton Webb. 
3. House on Haunted Hill (1959) with Vincent Price, Carol Ohmart & Richard Long.
4. Theatre of Blood (1973) with Vincent Price, Diana Rigg, Ian Hendry, Robert Morley, etc.
5. House of Wax (1953) with Vincent Price, Charles Bronson (credited Charles Buchinsky, Frank Lovejoy, Phyllis Kirk.
6. One Body Too Many (1944) with Jack Haley, Jean Parker, and Bela Lugosi
7. The Masque of the Red Death (1964) with Vincent Price, Hazel Court, Jane Asher & Patrick Magee

Other possibles: The Bat and The Tingler both featuring VP.

Declared Commitment Complete: 9/16/12


J F Norris said...

I was just at Carl's blog a few days ago looking for the info on his latest R.I.P. invitation. I did this last year and had about eight links throughout October. Always a great way to expand my readership. Thanks for the links!

(BTW - I loved THE SOMNAMBULIST. Wild and weird. A definite thumbs up from Pretty Sinister Books!)

J F Norris said...

And for your "VP Viewing Vestival" might I suggest my all time favorite Vincent Price horror flick - THEATER OF BLOOD. So educational about the works of Shakespeare. ;^) Fantastically over the top in its grisliness and ptich black humor. Plus all those perfectly cast character actors including Robert Morley and Price's wife Coral Browne who met him while making the film.

Bev Hankins said...

John: I think I saw Theater of Blood way back in the day....I'll have to see if I can get my hands on it through the library (or maybe Netflix).

Glad I was able to give you the links...

Marce said...

Ahhhhh always a pleasure to participate in this, I will do my post next week after Thrill Week.

I love that you have chosen your books and movies this year too.

I read Rebecca earlier in the year so I think I am going to watch it now.

Marce said...

Ahhhhh always a pleasure to participate in this, I will do my post next week after Thrill Week.

I love that you have chosen your books and movies this year too.

I read Rebecca earlier in the year so I think I am going to watch it now.

TracyK said...

I had just seen this two month event at another blog and then I saw your post for Peril on the Screen. I did not even realize films could be included. I am looking forward to your book reviews, but especially The Necropolis Railway and A Stranger in My Grave.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Realized I hadn't popped over to your sign up post to tell you 'welcome' and to thank you for joining in. I'm glad you are having so much fun with this and I'm enjoying reading your RIP posts!!!