Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Everybody But Me

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten Tuesday is an original bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new top ten topic is posted for followers to write about. This week we are considering our Top Ten Books Everybody Has Read But Me. Of course, with me, it's a pretty good bet that if it's recent and spreading like wildfire over the book blogging universe then everybody else has probably read it. But not me. I'm not a current book kind of girl. But there are a few classics that I haven't gotten around to either. Here's my list:

Books that I will probably never read (meaning no offense to anyone who just LOVES these things):
1. The Hunger Games (and etc.)
2. the rest of the Harry Potter saga (Read the first one. I'm done now. Thanks.)
3. anything by Janet Evanovich
4. anything by Stephen King
5. anything with a vampire since 2000 (especially those that sparkle)
6. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Books that I'd like to get around to one of these days:
7. The Lord of the Rings cycle
8. A Tale of Two Cities
9. The Scarlet Letter
10. The Great Gatsby


Unknown said...

I hate to burst your bubble but I'm right behind you on both of those lists!!

I do - thanks to you - also have Dorothy Sayers on my TBR list now, too...

Red said...

Aww I split my list in kinda the same way. Great minds! I haven't read A Tale of Two Cities yet either. I know those opening lines and never made it further.

LunaMoth said...

awww hunger games was great though! lol.
i have the lord of the rings trilogy on my kindle, my boyfriend nearly cried when i said i havnt read it yet, so its there and now he wont have a meltdown.

Julie @ Read Handed said...

I'm with you on the books you'll probably never read. They're all a little too oversold for me. I've read most of your books you'd like to read though (all but LOTR), and highly recommend each one!

Jamie said...

I really loved The Hunger Games! Also, The Great Gatsby..I finally read that this past year or so and really enjoyed it. I went out and bought a few more of his books after that. I'm going to read Tender is the Night next probably.

Here's my top ten books that I feel like everyone has read if you feel like moseying on over to my blog!

Yvette said...

The Great Gatsby, if you don't read the rest. I've read it several times over the years and each time it hooks me. It's a classic for a reason, Bev.

I say: read it!

I made the mistake of reading HUNGER GAMES - gak!! Didn't finish it though. Just skimmed. Wanted to see what everyone else was talking about.

That'll teach me.


Chelle said...

I remember The Scarlet Letter being painstakingly boring. I enjoyed The House of the Seven Gables much more. I actually kid of liked it.

The Great Gatsby made my list to although I'm not in a hurry to read it.

I read The Hobbit but the L. of the R. trilogy is collecting dust on my shelf. Some day!

Marce said...

Great list, I read Hunger Games and didn't enjoy it, definitely won't read the others.

Reading my second Stephen King now, overrated in my opinion.

Girl...Tattoo, I tried and couldn't finish.

LBC said...

You should definitely read Gatsby and The Scarlet Letter- they are small, but major. I don't think you are missing out on many of the top section. Some of them are fun reads, but not major.

Come check out my list at The Scarlet Letter.

Louise said...

I just love your #5! I hate it that the YA section is now a whole wall of black books with dripping red writing. Urgh. I do want to read The Hunger Games and the rest of HP though. I'm done with Stephen King too. Haven't read any since the 80s I think when I threw The Stand against the wall. I too want to read A Tale of Two Cities- actually I need to read all of Dickens, and The Scarlet Letter.

neer said...

(especially those that sparkle) :)