Thursday, September 22, 2011

Library Loot: Sept 21-27

Library Loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Claire (The Captive Reader) and Marg (The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader) that encourages bloggers to share the books they've checked out of the library. If you'd like to participate, just write up your post, feel free to steal button, and link up using the Mr. Linky at the hosting site each week. And, of course, check out what other participants are getting from their libraries.

I had no idea (until I was looking for my last post to cut & paste the intro) that I had been off the Library Loot bandwagon since the beginning
of August. Don't know what happened there because I have been going to the library. Just too busy reading the books to post about picking them up I guess.

Here's what I've got this week:

Death of an Englishman by Magdalen Naab: The d
ebut of Marshal Salvatore Guarnaccia of the Carabinieri, a Sicilian, stationed in Florence. It is just before Christmas and the marshal wants to go South to spend the holiday with his wife and family, but first he must recover from the flu (which has left the Florentine caribinieri short-handed) and also solve a murder. A seemingly respectable retired Englishman, living in a flat on the Via Maggio near the Santa Trinita bridge, was shot in the back during the night. He was well-connected and Scotland Yard has despatched two officers to "assist" the Italians in solving the crime. But it is the marshal, a quiet observer, not an intellectual, who manages to figure out what happened, and why.

Let's All Kill Constance by Ray Bradbury: The third volume in the author's noir series, set in 1950s California, follows a young screenwriter and his crafty partner, detective Elmo Crumley, as they protect an aging movie queen from a deadly enemy who is determined to put an end to both her career and her life.

Blood Atonement by Dan Waddell:
Detective Chief Inspector Grant Foster is called to a homicide at the home of a single mother in Queens Park, London. Her throat has been cut from ear to ear and her body dumped in the garden. Her daughter and only child, Naomi, who has just turned fourteen this day, is missing. As the hours tick by, the feeling grows among Foster's colleagues that this mis most likely becoming a double-murder inquiry. With nothing in the present to indicate a motive, Foster decides to delve into the woman's past, only to find out she doesn't have one. Not sure where else to turn for information, he calls on genealogist, Nigel Barnes for help.

Leftover Loot & Current Read (from my last trip): March Violets by Philip Kerr: Private eye Bernhard Gunther attempts to recover a diamond necklace in 1936 Berlin, a seemingly routine case that blossoms into a deadly plot involving Nazi politics and the Dachau death camp.

And...some Loot from the Friends of the Library Booksale:

Haunted Gound by Erin Hart: The Irish landscape holds secrets past and present as archaeologist Cormac O'Callaghan and pathologist Nora Gavin encounter a mystery when a decapitated woman is found in the bogs who may be related to a recent mother/child disappearance. [this will be the perfect final book for my RIP Challenge]

I could not resist this bit of whimsy:
Sherlock Homes Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney

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Cat said...

I often feel like that when I realise I haven't posted a meme for weeks - time does seem to fly by.

Enjoy your loot!