Thursday, September 15, 2011

Strong Poison: Review

I just finished reading Dorothy L Sayers' Strong Poison for like the millionth time. I reread it last fall, too. These challenges keep getting me, you see. Last fall, as part of a challenge, I read it as the fulfillment of a requirement to "Re-read a book you consider an old friend." This year I have signed up to read all the Lord Peter Wimsey books in order. And I've now reached the first novel in the Lord Peter/Harriet Vane quartet.

I'm not sure that I have much new to say about it this time around. It's one of my favorite reads. It's probably one of the books that I have reread the most. As I mention in my most recent review (HERE), this book begins a transformation of the Wimsey character--from Bertie Wooster with brains to a character with multiple layers. And as the relationship with Harriet progresses, he peels off layer after layer to reveal what a complex man he is.

I also love this book because the Dowager Duchess and Miss Climpson both make appearances. And the book would be worth it just for the scene where Miss Murchinson learns to pick locks from former burglar Blindfold Bill. There is much to love in this mystery--and most of it involves the marvelous characters that Sayers presents us with. Five stars has been my consistent rating.


Yvette said...

Bev, don't remember this at all though I know I read it - eons ago. One of these days I am definitely going to reread some Sayers. I think I need to own the books so I can just read them on the spur of the moment - best way with rereads. :)

Bev Hankins said...

@Yvette: I do own them all--some in various editions. You might say the Lord Peter is a bit of an obsession of mine....