Sunday, June 18, 2017

Challenge Complete: Cloak & Dagger

Once again I joined Stormi at Books, Movies & Reviews! Oh My! and Barb from Booker T’s Farm for the Cloak and Dagger Challenge.  As before there were several levels to choose from and I decided to sign up for the Sherlock Holmes level and read 56+ books in the mystery and crime field.
Since mysteries are the staple of my reading diet, this one always goes pretty fast for me and I have just finished my 57th book. I'm quite sure there will be many more mystery and crime books in my reading future--but I'm going to keep track of the rest on the review lists that track all of my books for the year. Thanks to Stormi & Barb for hosting another round and I hope it will be up again in 2018 for more delicious detective reading!
Books Read:

1. Death at Swaythling Court by J. J. Connington (1/4/17)
2. Death of a Racehorse by John Creasey (1/7/17)
3. The Snake on 99 by Stewart Farrar (1/11/17)
5. The 24th Horse by Hugh Pentecost (1/13/17)
6. Murder at the Masque by Amy Myers (1/16/17)
7. The Unconscious Witness by R. Austin Freeman (1/28/17)
8. A Losing Game by Freeman Wills Crofts (1/31/17)
9. Death Takes a Bow by Frances & Richard Lockridge (2/5/17)
10. All for the Love of a Lady by Leslie Ford (2/9/17)
11. Spice Island Mystery by Betty Cavanna (2/10/17)
12. Deception Island by M. K. Lorens (2/13/17)
13. The Thursday Turkey Murders by Craig Rice (2/13/17)
14. Episode of the Wandering Knife by Mary Roberts Rinehart (2/17/17)
15. A Wild Surge of Guilty Passion by Ron Hansen (2/18/17)
16. Zadok's Treasure by Margot Arnold (2/22/17)
17. Search for a Scientist by Charles Leonard (2/24/17)
18. Death in the Wrong Room by Anthony Gilbert (2/27/17)
19. The Body Missed the Boat by Jack Iams (3/6/17)
20. Thrilling Stories of the Railway by Victor L. Whitechurch (3/9/17)
21. Murder at Government House by Elspeth Huxley (3/13/17)
22. Miss Christie Regrets by Guy Fraser-Sampson (3/15/17)
23. Dread & Water by Douglas Clark (3/15/17)
24. Trixie Belden & the Gatehouse Mystery by Julie Cambell (3/16/17)
25. The Green Turtle Mystery by Ellery Queen Jr. (3/19/17)
26. Fit to Kill by Hans C. Owen (3/22/17)
27. Silence Observed by Michael Innes (3/28/17)
28. I Could Murder Her by E. C. R. Lorac (4/7/17)
29. A Grave Case of Murder by Roger Bax (4/10/17)
30. Murder Comes First by Frances & Richard Lockridge (4/11/17)
31. Stroke of Death by Josephine Bell (4/12/17)
32. Coffin's Dark Number by Gwendoline Butler (4/16/17)
33. They Tell No Tales by Manning Coles (4/19/17)
34. Death With Blue Ribbon by Leo Bruce (4/20/17)
35. Who Is the Next? by Henry Kitchell Webster (4/24/17)
36. Grounds for Murder by Kate Kingsbury (4/26/17)
37. The Fennister Affair by Josephine Bell (4/28/17)
38. The Vanishing Violinist by Sara Hoskinson Frommer (4/30/17)
39. Storm Center by Douglas Clark (5/1/17)
40. The Polka Dot Nude by Joan Smith (5/2/17)
41. The Invisible Intruder by Carolyn Keene (5/4/17)
42. The Shivering Sands by Victoria Holt (5/6/17)
43. Murder at Teatime by Stefaine Matteson (5/9/17)
44. Blind Man With a Pistol by Chester HImes (5/10/17)
45. Death Cracks a Bottle by Kenneth Giles (5/13/17)
46. The Mystery of the Talking Skull by Robert Arthur (5/13/17)
47. Murder in Mount Holly by Paul Theroux (5/15/17)
48. Deadly Nightshade by Elizabeth Daly (5/19/17)
49. The Constantine Affliction by T. Aaron Payton (5/23/17)
50. Decision at Delphi by Helen MacInnes (5/28/17)
51. If Ever I Return, Pretty Peggy-O by Sharyn McCrumb (5/29/17)
52. The Case of the Seven Sneezes by Anthony Boucher (5/31/17)
53. Where There's Smoke by Stewart Sterling (6/4/17)
54. Mystery in White by J. Jefferson Farjeon (6/11/17)
55. Death Finds a Foothold by Glyn Carr (6/14/17)
56. The Ghost & the Dead Deb by Alice Kimberly (6/16/17)
57. Deed Without a Name by Dorothy Bowers (6/18/17)

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