Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tree House Mystery: Review

Tree House Mystery (1969) by Gertrude Chandler Warner is the fourteenth book in the Boxcar Children series, but it's the first one I've actually read. My previous experience with the Alden children was bringing home books on tape/CD from the library for my son when he was small and hearing some of the stories. I can't honestly say if this was one of them or not. I picked this one up from the library to go along with the Birth Year Reading Challenge (as well as others).

In this particular adventure, the Alden kids (Benny, Henry, Jessie, & Violet) are excited when new neighbors move in at the house next door. The Beach house has been empty for so long that they often had forgotten it was even there. But a family moves in with two young boys and soon the friendly Aldens have broken through their reserve and have convinced Jeffrey and Sammy Beach that the thing their new home is missing is a tree house.

While building the tree house and the kids get to know each other, the Aldens learn that Jeffrey and Sammy's dad and his brother used to have a tree house in that same tree. They used to have great fun until one day their prize possession--a telescope--went missing. Each blamed the other and, as sometimes happens, this small disagreement built up over the years and now the men rarely see each other or talk at all. There is also a secret room in the attic of the Beach house which shows evidence that a little boy (other than the Beach brothers) once lived there and played with a much beloved rocking horse. The kids are determined to discover what happened to the missing telescope and who the little boy was. They're certain that finding the telescope will help bridge the gap that has divided the Beach family for so many years. A telescope and a rocking horse are just what the Aldens need to solve a mystery and bring a happy ending for their new friends.

This is a cute story with a mystery that is just right for young readers. There is no danger involved and just a good dose of children's curiosity. A very pleasant read and I understand why my son liked these stories so much when he was little. ★★

[Finished 6/23/17]
This counts for the "Tree" category on the Silver Vintage Scavenger Hunt card.


J.G. said...

This sounds like a breath of fresh air! A mystery with no danger is my kind of mystery, and a good choice for candle #15.

Ryan said...

Believe it or not, I have never read or listened to any of these books.