Sunday, June 18, 2017

Deal Me In #25: "Almost Perfect"

Still working my way steadily through the short stories for Jay's Deal Me in Challenge--52 short stories in 52 weeks based on shuffling and drawing a new card every week. Today I shuffled the remaining cards in my Deal Me In deck and the King of Hearts it is. This matches up with "Almost Perfect" by William MacHarg, a mysterious short story found in Murder by Experts edited by Ellery Queen.

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The story describes a murder that is just what the title says--almost perfect. The murderer fools the local police and the state troopers, but when O'Malley, a New York cop, is called in he immediately spots what the others have missed and lays a trap to catch the culprit. The story is plot-driven and O'Malley may use a trick to get his man/woman, but it is a straight-forward entertaining story.

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