Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tzimmes: Review

Last Review of the Year! And the final book needed for my Outdo Yourself Challenge--which means I have officially met the 2014 requirements of all 47 challenges I signed up for. Yes, 47. Full year end details and wrap-up blog post coming...but now on with the review.

Tzimmes (and don't forget the cheesecake and strudel) is a charming slice of Jewish life served up with a side of humor and heaping portion of panache by Art Marshall Fell. When Art contacted me through the blog to ask me if I'd like to review his short novel, I was delighted. His request was lovely--it came adorned with two music videos of him and his friend David Cross playing a bit of jazz and his bio told me that he hails from Bloomington. As I told Art in my reply, How could I possibly say no to a fellow Bloomingtonian? I couldn't and I am glad.

This short piece of fiction was delightful to read as it tells the story of Dr. Sam Landover, high school math teacher, and his trials and tribulations in brokering a deal among the Shalom Center's Board as they try to choose a new rabbi. Dr. Landover has just gotten through congratulating himself on easing himself off of the Board and getting his friend Max voted on. Time to relax! But Max finds himself unable to take sides when the other six Board members split down the middle on a vote between two rabbinical candidates. He has friends and customers on each side and he doesn't want to make anyone mad. So...he insists that Sam (who got him into this mess, after all) help figure out a way to make everyone happy. Sam uses his flair for making things up as he goes along and, miraculously, manages to find a solution that everyone approves.

Great fun and a lovely quick read. ★★★★

[Disclaimer: My review policy is posted on my blog, but just to reiterate....The book was offered to me for impartial review  and I have received no payment of any kind. All comments are entirely my own honest opinion.]

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fredamans said...

That is quite an accomplishment you met! Congratulations!
I love short stories, sometimes they have bigger impact. Great review!