Sunday, December 21, 2014

52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge

January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015

Hosted by Robin at My Two Blessings
 And she says:
Are you ready for another round of Reading 52 books in 52 Weeks? (I am!) The rules are very simple. The goal is to read one book (at least) a week for 52 weeks. Make the year easy and casual or kick it up by exploring new to you authors and genres. Challenge yourself to read at least some classics or delve into that chunkster (more than 500 pages) you always wanted to tackle. Do you have books gathering dust on the shelves just waiting to be read? Then now is the time. The goal is to read 52 books. How you get there is up to you. 
This will be my fourth year joining in.  I generally have no problem reading at least one book a this is one of my slam dunk challenges.  I will list my books below as I read them.  If you'd like to join as well, just click on the link below the picture.
1. Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home by James Tiptree, Jr. (1/2/15)
2. Police Procedurals by Martin H. Greenberg & Bill Pronzini, eds (1/9/15)
3. A Dead Man in Istanbul by Michael Pearce (1/14/15)
4. The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham (1/22/15)
5. The Golden Slipper & Other Problems for Violet Strange by Anna Katharine Green (1/26/15)
6. One Touch of Blood by Samm Sinclair Baker (2/5/15)
7. Caught Dead in Philadelphia by Gillian Roberts (2/11/15)
8. A Stitch in Time by Emma Lathen (2/17/15)
9. The World's Best 100 Detective Stories Vol. 1 by Eugene Thwing, ed (2/26/15) 
10. Death & Mr. Prettyman by Kenneth Giles (3/6/15)
11. Night Train to Paris by Manning Coles (3/14/15)
12. Playground of Death by John Buxton Hilton (3/18/15)
13. Malice Domestic by Sara Woods (3/26/15)
14. The False Inspector Dew by Peter Lovesey (4/1/15)
15. The Murder of Sir Edmund Godfrey by John Dickson Carr (4/8/15) 
16. RFK His Life & Death by Editors of American Heritage (4/15/15) 
17. The Smiler with the Knife by Nicholas Blake (4/21/15)
18. The Case of Colonel Marchand by E. C. R. Lorac (4/27/15)
19. The Golden Age of Murder by Martin Edwards (5/5/15)
20. Dead Lion by John & Emery Bonett (5/13/15)
21. Strange Wine by Harlan Ellison (5/21/15)
22. Bones in the Barrow by Josephine Bell (5/29/15)
23. Double Cross Purposes by Ronald A. Knox (6/3/15)
24. Falling Star by Patricia Moyes (6/12/15)
25. The Diamond-Studded Typewriter by Carlton Keith (6/14/15)
26. The Riddle of the Traveling Skull by Harry Stephen Keeler (6/21/15)
27. The Summer School Mystery by Josephine Bell (6/29/15)
28. The Crime & the Crystal by Elizabeth Ferrars (7/9/15)
29. Resorting to Murder by Martin Edwards, ed (7/18/15)
30. Two & Two Make Twenty-Two by Gwen Bristow & Bruce Manning (7/23/15)
31. The Penny Murders by Lionel Black (7/31/15)
32. Conundrums for the Long Week-End: England, Dorothy L. Sayers, & Lord Peter Wimsey by Robert Kuhn McGregor & Ethan Lewis (8/7/15)
33. The Cases of Susan Dare by Mignon G. Eberhart (8/10/15)
34. Ringworld by Larry Niven (8/20/15)
35. Death in Kashmir by M. M. Kaye (8/25/15)
36. The Fourteen Dilemma by Hugh Pentecost (9/3/15)
37. The Bat Flies Low by Sax Rohmer (9/10/15)
38. Briar Rose by Jane Yolen (9/14/15)
39. Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters (9/28/15)
40. At Bertram's Hotel by Agatha Christie (10/6/15)
41. The Ghost Writer by John Harwood (10/16/15)
42. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (10/20/15)
43. Murder on Cue by Jane Dentinger (10/27/15)
44. Murder in the Hellfire Club by Donald Zochert (11/3/15)
45. The Red Redmaynes by Eden Phillpotts (11/14/115)
46. Call for the Dead by John le Carré (11/18/15)
47. Chef Maurice & a Spot of Truffle by J. A. Lang (11/24/15)
48. The Corpse & 3 Ex-Husbands by Sue McVeigh (12/5/15)
49. The Monday Theory by Douglas Clark (12/7/15)
50. Game Without Rules by Michael Gilbert (12/14/15)
51. Body of Opinion by Susannah Stacey (12/26/15)
52. Three Doors to Death by Rex Stout (12/26/15)


Shalet Jimmy said...

Till Dec 21, I have read 30 books this year. I actually had a target of 25 books. I reread some of the books and a one or two classics. Would love to join this contest and all the best...

Bev Hankins said...

Click on the link to see her page and join in.