Monday, December 3, 2012

Reading Challenge Addict Challenge 2013


I have just begun gathering up challenges for 2013.  AND I've told myself (and announced it in a couple places) that I'm going to try and rein in my reckless abandon in signing up for every challenge that I see.  BUT anyone who knows me also knows that I'll most likely be collecting them like they're going out of style before too very long.  Once an addict, always an addict So, of course I'm going to have to sign up for the Reading Challenge Addict Challenge.  This challenge support group/group of enablers was the brainchild of two lovely ladies: Cheryl of CMash Reads and Gina at Hott Books.  They are also the Hostesses with the Mostest over at Partner in Crime Tours and Providence Book Promotions and have found themselves just a teensy bit over-committed. So they have asked me to step in and shepherd our little group of Challenge Addicts.  I am proud to do so (and will do my best to make them glad they chose me).  Please come join me for this year's round of Challenge Madness.  Details about the challenge and levels of addiction may be found at the site (click link above).  

And my Challenge Level?  Oh...what's the use in pretending that I'll control myself?

Out of This World: 16+ Challenges (Entered & Completed)

1. Reading Challenge Addict 2013 (complete 12/31/13)
2. Around the World in 80 Books  (Year one goal complete 6/22/13)
3. Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge 2013  (complete 9/28/13)  
4. Outdo Yourself 2013 (complete 12/31/13)
5. What's in a Name 6 (complete 4/23/16) 
6. Monthly Key Word (complete 12/8/13) 
7. What an Animal VI (complete 4/3/13)
8. Color Coded Challenge (complete 5/27/13) 
9. 2013 Mount TBR (complete 12/1/13)

10. 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (5 book goal complete 7/8/13)
11. 2013 Book Bingo (complete 3/25/13)

12.  Off the Shelf 2013 (complete 11/20/13)
13. Back to the Classics 2013 (complete 8/20/13)  
14. 52 Books in 52 Weeks (complete 12/23/13) 
15. 2013 TBR Pile (complete 8/28/13)
16. A-Z Reading Challenge (complete 12/8/13)
17. Mystery/Crime Reading Challenge (complete 4/21/13) 
18. Book Blogger Recommendation (complete 7/16/13)
19. 2013 Science Fiction Experience (complete 2/28/13)
20. 2013 European Reading Challenge (complete  5/6/13)
21. Embarrassment of Riches Challenge (complete 7/3/13)
22. GoodReads Challenge (complete 12/31/13) 
23. 150 Plus Challenge (complete 11/3/13) 
24. A-Z Mystery Authors (complete 10/6/13)
25. Classics Reading Challenge (complete 7/14/13)
26. Library Books Reading Challenge (complete 6/4/13) 
27. Criminal Plots III (complete 4/9/13) 
28. Monthly Mix-up Mania (complete 12/27/13) 
29. Book to Movie (complete 3/22/13) 
30. The Semi-Charmed Book Challenge (complete 7/31/13) 
31. R.I.P. Challenge VIII (complete 11/1/13) 
32. Non-Fiction Adventure (2013 Goal Complete 12/31/13)  

33. Semi-Charmed Autumn Challenge (complete 11/19/13)



Gina @ Hott Books said...

You're the best, doll!
I'm in too -- of course!

CMash said...

Ditto what Gina said. However, I am a bit worried about you. By this time, you usually have signed up for 20, 30. And you aren't even close and we all know that you wear the crown...Queen of Challenges lol. You are the greatest. We couldn't have put this challenge in better hands. I too have proclaimed I am cutting back, however, am having withdrawals and anxiety that there aren't more challenges posted. So guessing, that my vow to cut back, is in the dumper lol.