Sunday, December 2, 2012

Book Buying Binge

So....the Caveat Emptor, the local rare and used bookstore, is running a Christmas sale from now until the 16th of December--offering all customers a 20% discount and those of us who are discount card-carrying Caveat Emptor fans 30% off.  I trotted right in there on the first day of the sale and came out with 14 books:

A Deadly Place to Stay by Josephine Bell (1st paperback edition) [aka The Innocent]
Room for a Body by Bell (Ballantine first edition) [aka A Flat Tyre in Fulham]
Stranger on a Cliff by Bell (Ace first edition) [aka To Let. Furnished.]
Stroke of Death by Bell (1st paperback edition) [aka Such a Nice Client]
The Wilberforce Legacy by Bell 
Blind Love by Wilkie Collins (Dover edition)
Ride the Pink Horse by Dorothy B. Huges (Bantam 1st edition)
All Concerned Notified by Helen Reilly (MacFadden 1st printing)
The Canvas Dagger by Reilly (Manor Books 1st printing)
Certain Sleep by Reilly (Manor Books 1st printing)
The Line-Up by Reilly (MacFadden 1st printing)
The Crying Sisters by Mabel Seeley (Pyramid 1st printing)
Eleven Came Back by Seeley (Pyramid 1st printing)
And a nice little hardback coup:
Puzzle for Fiends by Patrick Quentin (fine first edition w/dust jacket) 


TracyK said...

Sounds like a great sale and a great group of books you got. I am very envious, as usual. We have a good independent bookstore, but nothing around that has vintage books.

J F Norris said...

You are so lucky I live so far away. That store would've been depleted. ;^) Congrats on scoring PUZZLE FOR FIENDS! I found an affordable copy with DJ only a few years ago. Still hoping one of these days to find a copy of PUZZLE FOR FOOLS in DJ - very, very scarce among the Quentin titles.

Man of la Book said...

Sounds like some great finds.

Ryan said...

I have the first two Puzzle books by Patrick Quentin. The first in dustjacket less hardcover and a paperback of the second one.