Sunday, December 9, 2012

Perpetual Challenge: 1001 (or so) Books You Must Read Before You Die

Rachel at Resistance is Futile thought it would be fun to gather a few people who are interested in reading through the list of 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.  She has put together a perpetual--lifelong!--challenge and has posted a compilation of all editions of the list for us to follow.  OR you're welcome to work from the compilation or from one specific edition - your choice! For full details and to sign up, jump on the link above.

I doubt that I'll read all of these books--I'm not entirely sure that I want to read some of them at all. My goal will be to read at least five books from the list in 2013 and I'll keep updating my goal each year.  And since this is such a huge undertaking, I've devoted a whole page to the challenge (see my tabs list).


Unknown said...

Thanks for joining Bev! This should be fun to watch the list fill up. The list isn't as daunting when there are other reading it with me!

Anonymous said...

That must have taken some time to compose! I remember printing out a list probably 5 years ago and crossed off books. Some I had read in high school but my stipulation was that I had to have read the book no earlier than college; if I did, I would re-read it. I have that list somewhere in my bookcase, I think I'll go take a look at this list.

But I will agree with you on one point: there were some I just didn't want to read and felt like I would be obligated to if I was following that list...

Good luck!