Friday, August 5, 2011

That Day in September: Review

That Day in September by Artie Van Why

Synopsis (from the back of the book): We all have our stories to tell of where we were the morning of September 11, 2001. This is one of them. In That Day in September Artie Van Why gives an eyewitness account of that fateful morning. From the moment he heard "a loud boom" in his office across from the World Trade Center, to stepping out onto the street, Artie vividly transports the reader back to the day that changed our lives and our country forever.

It is difficult for me to write a very detailed review without telling you everything that Artie Van Why relates in his book. Let me just say that this is a flawless memoir. Not flawless because it is absolutely perfect and nothing could ever be written better. But because it so vividly and poignantly captures what it was like to live through that day--September 11th--downtown New York City at Ground Zero. Flawless because it is written from the heart. It is a beautiful tribute to the men and women who lost their lives that day. Those who perished in the towers or by jumping. Those who gave their lives selflessly in the effort to rescue and help those in need. It is a touching account of what it was like not only to experience that day, but to find yourself still living in the days that followed. To wonder why you survived and not others. To have to relive those horrifying moment over and over. To intimately understand what it's like to have a life-changing event occur--and to try and figure out what to do afterwards.

An absolutely beautiful book. With the ten-year anniversary of that awful day approaching, I highly recommend finding yourself a copy and reading for yourself about Artie and his memory of those events. You won't be sorry. Five stars--without question.
[Disclaimer: I have my review policy stated on my blog, but just to reiterate....This review copy was offered to me by the author for impartial review and I have received no payment of any kind. All comments are entirely my own honest opinion.]

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Karen C said...

I am looking forward to reading this story. Glad to hear you recommend.