Friday, April 15, 2011

A-Z Blogging: Letter M

April is speeding right along! We're up to day number 12 on the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Every day in April (except Sundays) I will be doing a post for each letter of the alphabet. It is my plan to make most of my posts reading &/or book-related. April 15th is brought to you by the Letter M.

M is for My Reader's Block. My very own blog. Since my blogiversary is coming up (first post April 24th, 2010), I thought I would go ahead use My Reader's Block for today's letter. I may still be in a post-op cloud on the 24th and forget my blog's birthday. I started My Reader's Block purely as a reading journal for myself. I had taken tentative peeks into the blogging world at the instigation of a dear friend and found a lot of book blogs out here. It seemed like a really good way to keep track of my reading and record my thoughts on the books I read. So many times I'd think (with my aging brain), "I'm sure I've read that--but then couldn't really remember much about it." Just the simple act of recording my thoughts helps eveything stick just a little bit better.

I'm also really thankful for the blogging community that is out here. I have made so many really good blogging friends. People I would never have come into contact with if hadn't started this blogging journey. So--happy blogiversary to My Reader's Block on April 24th and thanks to all of you who have joined me on this journey.

M is also for Mysteries. Now, you knew I couldn't let M go by without bringing those up. Mysteries were my first real love in reading. My mom introduced me to Nancy Drew and from there I jumped to Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes and I was hooked. I love a good classic mystery-- where all the clues are there, mixed in with a good number of red herrings and it's up to the reader to try and get to the solution before the detective. So, mysteries are a major feature here on My Reader's Block. I'll read just about anything...historical, classic lit, poetry, science fiction, biography. But I always come back to mysteries.

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fredamans said...

Happy Early Blogoversary! Congratulations!

(I'm a Nancy Drew fan too... and The Bobsey Twins too.)