Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Cover Makeovers

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created over at The Broke and the Bookish. This week we are asked to give our Top Ten Covers We'd Like to Redesign.

Here are my candidates for Book Makeovers:

1. ALL of the Janet Evanovich novels I've ever seen. The neon covers have got to go. They make my eyes. hurt.

2.This is just boring. Okay, it has a moon and a night sky. Oooh. That'll make me want to read it. (Fortunately, the blurb sounded REALLY interesting.

3. Another boring cover. Music notes in shadow. That says murder to me. Oh yeah.

4. Pastel colors with a spiderweb on them. Another sure-fire, best-selling mystery cover.

5. I really have a problem with boring covers for suspenseful mysteries.

6. Creepy. Just creepy.

7. Oh look! Another boring mystery cover.

8. And this one is just plain weird. Giant celery? On a mystery cover? Seriously?

That's all I've got this week....


Yvette said...

Good ones, Bev. ALthough I kind of like the burnt music notes. Though I've never heard of the book. :) I was going to include the Evanovich covers too. They are awful! But I love the books.

That Ruth Rendell cover is one of many MANY similar covers, all you have to do is change the title and the author. Sometimes it's hard to tell one book from another. Copycat design is the pits.

LBC said...

Sick to Death is creepy. Yikes.

Here is my list: http://hawthornescarlet.blogspot.com/2011/04/top-ten-tuesday-stop-embarassing-me.html

M.J. Fifield said...

I totally agree with the Evanovich covers.

M.J. Fifield
My Pet Blog

J F Norris said...

I wonder if the blogger/owner of The Broke and the Bookish saw my post on the old Crime Club DJ art? Synchronicity again at work in the blogosphere.

I'll say it again: Typography alone just doesn't do it for me.

That Greenwood book cover is bizarre. In addition to the celery there's the floating eyeglasses, the teapot house, the house in the shape of a clock, and the odd color scheme. An attempt at surrealism, I guess.