Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Serenity Read-a-Thon: Starting Line

The Spring's Serenity Read-a-Thon is off and running. Sponsored by The True Book Addict, it runs from today, Monday, April 25th, through Sunday, May 1st and from 12:00 am Monday through 11:59 Sunday. You can join in any time through the week and read as little or as much as you want. It's all about personally challenging ourselves and also having fun as a community of readers. I'm in and I hope you'll join in as well. Click the link above and visit her site to sign up at the starting line.

I am beginning my reading in mid-book. Starting at page 258 of Victorian Tales of Mystery and Detection by Michael Cox (ed). Not sure where I'm headed after that...but the book's 600 pages long, so I've got a while to think about it!

Victorian Tales of Mystery and Detection by Michael Cox (ed) (4/26/11) [320 pages]
2. Death of a Doxy by Rex Stout (4/26/11) [174 pages]
3. An Author Bites the Dust by Arthur W. Upfield (4/27/11) [224 pages]
4. Black Sheep by Georgette Heyer (4/28/11) [279 pages]
5. Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope (4/29/11) [168 pages]
6. Fantastic Voyage by Isaac Asimov (4/30/11) [186 pages]


Julie said...

Good luck on the read-a-thon! As I noted on my comment to your "What are you reading" post, the anthology you list has my eye; actually, after I post, I'm heading over to goodreads to put it on my to-buy list!

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Welcome! Hope you accomplish your read-a-thon goals. Just remember to have fun!