Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Final Tally on the Read-a-Thon

Didn't do as well on the Read-a-Thon as I would have liked--only racked up four books:
  • The Crooked Hinge by John Dickson Carr
  • What Men Say by Joan Smith
  • Mrs. Malory & the Fatal Legacy by Hazel Holt
  • Mrs. Malory & Death in Practice by Hazel Holt
Look at my previous Read-a-Thon posts to see short reviews of these books. I did start a new one this evening--Grave Choices by M. D. Lake--but there's no way it's gonna get finished in time to count. I have pulled a good quote from it, though: "Sandra, although she loves her sister and is quite protective of her, doesn't think much of poetry. Real writers, she thinks, bring their lines all the way over to the right margin." I'm always on the lookout for quotes--particularly quotes about reading, writers, poetry, fiction, etc.

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