Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Book Challenge

Just found another Reading Challenge that I don't think I'll be able resist. We'll see if I can fit it in with the others I'm doing. It's called the Birth Year Challenge and you'll find the details over at Hotchpot Cafe. Basically, the goal is to read books from the year you were born. (You can check out Wikipedia for literature lists from your year). Set yourself a goal and see if you can meet it.

There are 64 books listed on Wikipedia for 1969 (fiction, non-fiction & poetry). I'm going to aim for 22 (or about a third of the list). When I've gotten one read, I will change the color to blue. Here's what I'm shooting for (provided I can get my hands on them through the library):
  • The Green Man (Kingsley Amis) 8/5/10
  • Satan's World (Poul Anderson) subbing A Risky Way to Kill (Richard Lockridge) 7/20/10
  • The Edible Woman (Margaret Atwood) subbing The House on the Strand (Daphne du Maurier (9/12/10)
  • I Sing the Body Electric (Ray Bradbury) 7/19/10
  • Hallowe'en Party (Agatha Christie) 7/20/10
  • The Andromeda Strain (Michael Crichton) 8/10/10
  • The Golden Wind (L Sprague de Camp) subbing Die Laughing (Lockridge) 7/21/10
  • The French Lieutenant's Woman (John Fowles) 8/8/10
  • Travels With My Aunt (Graham Greene) 7/18/10
  • Dune Messiah (Frank Herbert) 8/19/10
  • The Big Bounce (Elmore Leonard) 8/15/10
  • Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (H.P. Lovecraft & Others) Sub Gideon's Power (J.J. Marric) 8/13/10
  • Dress Her in Indigo (John D MacDonald) 8/17/10
  • Behold the Man (Michael Moorcock) 8/11/10
  • The Campus Murders (Ellery Queen) Subbing Cop Out (Queen, same year) 8/10/10
  • Portnoy's Complaint (Philip Roth) 8/28/10
  • Death of a Dude (Rex Stout) 8/13/10
  • Slaughterhouse Five (Kurt Vonnegut) 9/5/10
  • Damnation Alley (Roger Zelazny) 8/25/10
  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (Maya Angelou) 8/30/10
  • Mary, Queen of Scots (Antonia Fraser) absolutely could not finish; Subbing Robert F Kennedy: A Memoir (Jack Newfield) 9/2/10
  • Freely Espousing James Schuyler (poetry) Subbing The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (because I can't find any poetry from 1969 that is readily available & this will be a fun book to fit on the list. I had no idea it had been around as long as I have) 7/22/10
May have to make adjustments if I can't find some of these. We'll see.


Dana Alma said...

Hey Bev, thanks for visiting my blog. Great thinkers think alike. Good luck on the reading challenge. I'll be back to visit you soon.
See ya.

J.G. said...

Welcome to the Birth Year Reading Challenge! I've added you to our list of participants. Keep us posted on your progress, so we can link to your reviews. And have fun!