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Noah and John are the winners in the the third round of Super Book Password. Noah correctly guessed my first Movie Title ("Bringing Up Baby") and John has snagged the points on the second ("Around the World in 80 Days"). Next week will bring a new Password Category: Musical Group.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Favorite Authors: A-Z

I saw this meme posted at What Red Read...who found it over at The Book Stop. We're supposed to list our favorite authors from A-Z--one for each letter of the alphabet. I knew that because of my mystery addiction, I could probably fill up an alphabet with just mystery to make it a bit more challenging, I've done two lists one with general fiction and poetry and one with mystery authors only. Let's see how I did:

General Fiction & Poetry
A: Jane Austen
B: Julian Barnes
C: Lewis Carroll
D: Emily Dickinson
E: Umberto Eco
F: Gustave Flaubert
G: Oliver Goldsmith
H: Robert A. Heinlein
I: [only if I count my mystery author, Michael Innes]
J: James Joyce
K: Maxine Hong Kingston (actually for non-fiction)
L: David Lodge & D. H. Lawrence
M: Edna St. Vincent Millay
N: Vladamir Nabokov

O: Michael Ondaatje

P: Katherine Anne Porter & Edgar Allan Poe

Q: [only if I count my mystery author, Ellery Queen]

R: Rainer Maria Rilke

S: Robert Louis Stevenson

T: Mark Twain

U: Samrat Upadhyay

V: Jules Verne

W: Oscar Wilde


Y: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Z: Roger Zelazny

Mystery Authors
A: Margery Allingham

B: Leo Bruce

C: Agatha Christie; John Dickson Carr; Edmund Crispin

D: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

E: Margaret Erskine

F: E. X. (Elizabeth) Ferrars

G: Kerry Greenwood

H: Cyril Hare

I: Michael Innes

J: P. D. James

K: Laurie R. King

L: Frances & Richard Lockridge

M: Philip MacDonald & Ngaio Marsh

N: Simon Nash

O: Anthony Oliver
P: Stuart Palmer
Q: Ellery Queen

R: Ruth Rendell

S: Dorothy L Sayers

T: Josephine Tey

U: Arthur W. Upfield

V: S. S. Van Dine

W: Henry Wade


Y: Margaret Yorke

Z: Carlos Ruiz Zafon

I did much better with the mystery field. I'm doing the Mystery Authors A-Z Challenge and have a name down for X (Ye Xin: A Pair of Jade Frogs), but I haven't been able to find and read it yet, so I didn't feel like I could claim it for X.


Red said...

I'm so impressed you managed to do not just one but 2 of these lists. And I declare X doesn't count cos I certainly can't think of a single author that fits.

Tea said...

Very well done.