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Pick Your Poison 2024


I've been anxiously awaiting the new Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge for 2024. I first found Gregory's challenge in 2020 and have enjoyed the prompts that he devises.  As I have in the past, I'm going to commit to a Baker's Dozen (13 books). I'll probably do more, but my commitment will be met at 13.

The Standards
~A Thriller: Red Bones by Ann Cleeves (3/24/24)
~A Classic: Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers (3/21/24) [classic mystery from  1923]
~A Mystery: Death, My Darling Daughters by Jonathan Stagge (1/1/24)
~A Fantasy: The Cat Who Saved Books by Sosuke Natsukawa (2/14/24)

To Coin a Phrase
~Coins on the Cover:
~Author Known for Introducing a Phrase:
~Title Based on a Well-Known Phrase: There is a Tide (aka Taken at the Flood) by Agatha Christie ["There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune." ~from Julius Caesar by Shakespeare] (1/14/24)
~Book About Language:

Our Amazing World
~Book About the Ocean
~Memoir About Living with Nature
~Book About an Explorer
~Book About a Lost Species

Classic Computer Games
~Oregon Trail (characters might die of dysentery): Man of Two Tribes by Arthur W. Upfield (2/22/24)
~Legend of Zelda (protagonist is not the title character):
~Pacman (maze on the cover)
~Space Invaders (book with aliens): Q-Squared by Peter David (3/17/24)

~Book About Something You Might Find Dead on the Road:
~Mystery Set During a Vacation: The Puzzle of the Blue Banderilla by Stuart Palmer (4/18/24)
~Hotel on the Cover:
~Something Flat on Cover: Miraculous Mysteries by Martin Edwards, ed (2/9/24)

How Does Your Garden Grow?
~Author with Plant/Flower Name: Murder on Deck by Rosemary Herbert (ed) OR Shadow of a Lady by Holly Roth
~Coming of Age Story:
~Three Main Characters: Death Takes a Bow by Frances & Richard Lockridge [Mr. & Mrs. North and Lt. Weigand] (2/24/24)
~"Silver" or "Shell" in Title:

Bright & Shiny
~Book Released in 2024:
~Memoir/Biography of Someone with a Hollywood Star: Making It So by Patrick Stewart (4/10/24)
~Book with Gold or Silver Cover:
~Picture of the Sun on Cover:

Things That Are Good For Us
~Vegetable in the Title:
~About Walking Away:
~Lots of Fresh Air on Cover: A Fete Worse Than Death by Dolores Gordon-Smith (2/20/24)
~About Positive Changes:

~"Secret" in the Title:
~Someone Sleeping on the Cover:
~About a Secret Society: The Moneypenny Diaries by Kate Westbrook (2/29/24)
~Book You Hope Will Quiet Your Mind:

Reasons a Book Might Be Banned
~About Gender Identity:
~Written by a POC:
~Offensive Language:
~Talking Animals: The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame (3/22/24)

~Mirror on the Cover:
~About Looking Back: Zombies of the Gene Pool by Sharyn McCrumb (3/27/24)
~Book You Know Will Make You Think:
~Antonyms in the Title: The Silent Speaker by Rex Stout (3/5/24)

Book Cliches
~The Butler Did It (book with a butler): Murder & Mendelssohn by Kerry Greenwood [a butler named Mr. Butler] (1/27/24)
~It Was a Dark & Stormy Night (great first line): Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney ["I was born with a broken heart."] (3/26/24)
~Once Upon a Time (fairytale retelling):
~There Can Only Be One (book pits characters against each other): Unnatural Ends by Christopher Huang (4/14/24)

~Book with Pirates:
~Sword on the Cover: The Song of Roland translated by Dorothy L. Sayers (2/2/24)
~Daring Adventure Graphic Novel:
~About a Stowaway:

New Year's Resolutions
~Read Anything--Goal Is to Read More: The Emperor's Snuff Box by John Dickson Carr (1/3/24)
~Title That Sounds Like Exercise:
~About Cleaning House/Getting Organized:
~About Getting Away From It All:

How Do You Want Your Eggs?
~Hardboiled Crime:
~About Finding the Sunny Side of Life:
~Book with a Poacher:
~Devil as a Character: The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis

Doing It "Old School"
~Stamp or Rotary Phone on Cover: One by One They Disappeared by Moray Dalton (3/2/24)
~Author Old Enough to Be a Grandparent: Inspector of the Dead by David Morrell (2/7/24)
~About Someone Traveling by Foot
~Set Before You Were Born: The Passenger from Scotland Yard by H. F. Wood (1/11/24)

~Written by Someone Same Generation As You: Mad About the Boy? by Dolores Gordon-Smith (3/13/24)
~Multigenerational Story:
~Set When the Boomers Were in Their Prime: A Guilty Thing Surprised by Ruth Rendell (1/28/24)
~Book That Generates Hope:

Food Groups
~Dairy (a cheesy book):
~Meat (book you can sink your teeth into):
~Fruit (fruit in the title): The Case of the One-Penny Orange by E. V. Cunningham OR Murder on Mulberry Bend by Victoria Thompson
~Grain (Set in a farming community):

Love Them Pockets!
~A Key or a Pocket on the Cover: Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz (3/16/24)
~Read a "Pocket Guide":
~Purse on the Cover:
~Book That Might Have Been Carried in a Soldier's Pocket: The Blue Geranium by Dolan Birkley [has "send this book to the soldiers when you're done with it" blurb at the back] (3/3/24)

Just Desserts
~Book About Revenge: The Cambridge Murders by Glyn Daniel (1/24/24)
~Something Sweet on the Cover:
~Book You'd Like to Settle in With an After Dinner Drink:
~Author Who Has a Good Reputation With Fans:

Color Me Up!
~Color Word in Title:
~Favorite Color on Cover:
~Author with Color Name: Playing with Myself by Randy Rainbow (1/31/24)
~Book That Looks Like Someone Went Crazy With Crayons:

Seems Sketchy
~An Illustrated Book:
~Unreliable Narrator:
~Sketchbook/Notebook on Cover:
~"Fake" in Title:

TBR Busters
~Meant to Read Last Year:
~Any From TBR Pile: Murder in C Major by Sara Hoskinson Frommer (1/15/24)
~Gift You Haven't Read Yet:
~Has a Dusty Cover:

~About a Monster Nobody Believes Exists: Seance for a Vampire by Fred Saberhagen (4/9/24)
~Author Who Uses a Pseudonym: When Blood Lies by C. S. Harris (Candice Proctor) (2/18/24)
~Fiction Based on True Story:
~About Something Counterfeit:

Spice It Up
~Nonfiction About a Controversial Person:
~A Spice in the Title:
~A Spicy Cover:
~Set Somewhere Known For Its Cuisine: The Unicorn Murders by Carter Dickson [France] (2/28/24)

The Long & the Short of It
~Over 500 Pages:
~Under 150 Pages: Grand Cru Heist by Jean-Pierre Alaux & Noël Balen (3/28/24)
~Title At Least 7 Words Long: Murder by the Book: Mysteries for Bibliophiles by Martin Edwards, ed (1/20/24)
~Author Whose Last Name Has No More Than Five Letters: The Blood-Dimmed Tide by Rennie Airth (2/16/24)

Wild Cards
~Gothic Novel:
~A Geeky Character: Bimbos of the Death Sun by Sharyn McCrumb [a whole convention full of them] (1/21/24)
~About Prophecies:
~Book Someone Says "Changed Their Life":
~About Someone With a Disability

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