Thursday, December 28, 2023

Buzzwords Challenge

 Books and Lala sponsors the Buzzword Reading Challenge on Storygraph. The goal is pretty simple--just read one book per month which has the following prompt words in the title. I decided that I just don't have enough reading challenges, so here we go for one more...

I'll post my tentative picks below and will update as I go along.

January--There/Their/They're: There Is a Tide by Agatha Christie (1/14/24)
February--Positive/Happy Words (sweet, cute, joy, etc): A Fete Worse Than Death by Dolores Gordon-Smith [fete = fun frolic/carnival]
March--Character Name in Title: The Moneypenny Diaries by Kate Westbrook (2/29/24)
April--Nature Related Words (earth, dirt, grass, ocean, etc): Dangerous Ground by Francis Sill Wickware; Cold Bed in the Clay by Ruth Sawtell Wallis
May--"Every": Every Bet's a Sure Thing by Thomas B. Dewey
June--Same word twice (or more):
July--Measurement Words: Death in a Small World by Laura Colburn; The Big Midget Murders by Craig Rice
August--"Like": Nothing Like Blood by Leo Bruce; No Police Like Holmes by Dan Andriacco
September: Senses (and related words): Death in a Pheasant's Eye by James Fraser; Red Eye for the Baron by Anthony Morton (John Creasey); Touch the Devil by Jack Higgins
October--Relationships (mother, father, sister, friend, etc): Murder Among Friends by Lange Lewis; Old Lover's Ghost by Leslie Ford; The Seven Deadly Sisters by Patricia McGerr
November--"Only": Take Only as Directed by James Byrom
December: Holiday Words (Christmas, thankful, merry, etc): Louisa May Alcott's Christmas Treasury by Louisa May Alcott; The Twelve Deaths of Christmas by Marian Babson; The Gift Horse by Frank Gruber

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