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2024 Medical Examiner Mystery Reading Challenge


Once again Rick at the Rick Mills Project will be offering up the Medical Examiner Mystery Reading Challenge as well as the Six Shooter Challenge. I, having no self-control when it comes to challenges--especially mystery-related challenges, will--of course--sign up for both. He's also got a brand-new Mystery Marathon for 2024, so here I go again....For full details, check out the link above after the new year starts. Basically, just read mysteries and log the number of named corpses on his handy form.

Rick doesn't require a sign-up post, but in order to claim this one as complete on my own personal challenge tally sheet, I must submit at least 20 death certificate reports. With the number of mysteries I read per year, this doesn't prove too difficult--so, there should be plenty of toe tags signed by "Quincy" Hankins at the Mystillery Morgue.
1. Death, My Darling Daughters by Jonathan Stagge [4 deaths] (1/1/24)
2. The Emperor's Snuff Box by John Dickson Carr [2 deaths] (1/3/24)
*********The following are all from Bodies from the Library 3 edited by Tony Medawar 1/7/24
3. "The Murder at Warbeck Hall" by Cyril Hare (Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark) [2 deaths]
4. "The House of the Poplars" by Dorothy L. Sayers [3 deaths]
5. "The Hampstead Murder" by Christopher Bus (Charles Christmas Bush) [one death]
6. "The Scarecrow Murders" by Joseph Commings [2 deaths]
7. "The Incident of the Dog's Ball" by Agatha Christie [2 deaths]
8. "The Case of the Unlucky Airman" by Christopher St. John Sprigg [one death]
9. "The Riddle of the Black Spade" by Stuart Palmer [3 deaths]
10. "A Torch at the Window" by Josephine Bell (Doris Bell Collier) [one death]
11. "Grand Guignol" by John Dickson Carr [3 deaths]
12. "A Knotty Problem" by Ngaio Marsh [one death]
13. "The Orange Kid" by Peter Cheyney [4 deaths]
14. "He Stooped to Live" by David Hume (John Victor Turner) [one death]
15. "Mr. Prendergast & the Orange" by Nicholas Blake (Cecil Day-Lewis) [one death]
16. "The 'Eat More Fruit' Murder" by William A. R. Collins [one death]
17. The Passenger from Scotland Yard by H. F. Wood [2 deaths] (1/11/24)
18. There Is a Tide by Agatha Christie [9 deaths] (1/14/24)
19. Murder in C Major by Sara Hoskinson Frommer [2 deaths] (1/15/24)
**************The following are all from Murder by the Book edited by Martin Edwards 1/20/24
20. "A Lesson in Crime by G.D.H. & M. Cole [one death]
Commitment met!
21. "Trent & the Ministering Angel" by E. C. Bentley [one death]
22. "A Slice of Bad Luck" by Nicholas Blake (Cecil Day-Lewis) [one death]
23. "Malice Domestic" by Philip MacDonald [one death]
24. "A Savage Game" by A. A. Milne [one death]
25. "The Clue in the Book by Julian Symons [one death]
26. "The Manuscript" by Gladys Mitchell [one death]
27. "A Man & His Mother-in-law" by Roy Vickers [4 deaths]
28. "Dear Mr. Editor..." by Christianna Brand [2 deaths]
28. "Murder in Advance" by Marjorie Bremner [4 deaths]
29. "A Question of Character" by Victor Canning [2 deaths]
30. "We Know You're Busy Writing..." by Edmund Crispin [2 deaths]
31. "Chapter & Verse" by Ngaio Marsh [4 deaths]
32. Bimbos of the Death Sun by Sharyn McCrumb [2 deaths] (1/21/24)
33. The Cambridge Murders by Glyn Daniel [3 deaths] (1/24/24)
34. Murder & Mendelssohn by Kerry Greenwood [5 deaths] (1/27/24)
35. A Guilty Thing Surprised by Ruth Rendell [4 deaths] (1/28/24)
36. Death Has a Small Voice by Frances & Richard Lockridge [3 deaths] (1/31/24)
37. The Final Days of Abbot Montrose by Sven Elvestad [2 deaths] (2/3/24)
*****************The following are from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Nov 1965 (2/4/24)
38. "Jericho & the Silent Witnesses" by Hugh Pentecost [Judson Philips] (one death]
39. "The Scientist & the Bagful of Water" by Arthur Porges (one death)
40. "The Tecommshire Fen Mystery" by Cathie Haig Star [Norma Schier] (one death)
41. "The Halloween Mystery" by Ellery Queen (one death)
42 "They's Things in the Deep Woods" by M. L. Dunn (4 deaths)
43. "A as in Accident" by Lawrence Treat (one death)
44. "Miss Marple Tells a Story by Agatha Christie (listened to a Youtube reading [2 deaths] (2/4/24)
45. Inspector of the Dead by David Morrell [15 deaths] (2/7/24)
*******************The following are from Miraculous Mysteries edited by Martin Edwards (2/9/24)
46. "The Lost Special" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [3 deaths]
47. "The Case of the Tragedies in the Greek Room" by Sax Rohmer [2 deaths]
48. "The Aluminum Dagger" by R. Austin Freeman [2 deaths]
49. "The Miracle of Moon Crescent" by G. K. Chesterton [one death]
50. "The Invisible Weapon" by Nicholas Olde [one death]
51. "The Diary of Death" by Marten Cumberland [4 deaths]
52. "The Broadcast Murder" by Grenville Robbins [3 deaths]
53. "The Music-Room" by Sapper (Herman Cyril McNeile) [3 deaths]
54. "Death at 8.30" by Christopher St. John Sprigg [2 deaths]
55. "Too Clever by Half" by G.D.H. & Margaret Cole [2 deaths]
56. "Locked In" by Charles Vivian [one death]
57. "The Sands of Thyme" by Michael Innes (J.I.M. Stewart) [one death]
58. "Beware of the Trains" by Edmund Crispin (Robert Bruce Montgomery) [one death]
59. Winter in June by Kathryn Miller Haines [4 deaths] (2/12/24)
60. Gently Down the Stream by Alan Hunter [3 deaths] (2/13/24)
61. The Blood-Dimmed Tide by Rennie Airth [10 deaths] (2/16/24)
62. When Blood Lies by C. S. Harris [13 deaths] (2/18/24)
**********************The following are from Ellery Queen's Anthology 1966 Mid-Year Edition (2/18/24)
63. "You Can't Love Two Women" by L.A.G. Strong [one death]
64. "The Clue of the Scattered Rubies" by Erle Stanley Gardner [2 deaths]
65. "I Killed John Harrigan" by Thomas Walsh [2 deaths]
66. "The Grave Grass Question" by MacKinlay Kantor [2 deaths]
67. "Blind Man's Bluff" by Roy Vickers [2 deaths]
68. "The Crime by the River" by Edmund Crispin (Robert Bruce Montgomery) [2 deaths]
69. "This Was Willi's Day" by Aaron Marc Stein [one death]
70. "Blackmail" by Stephen McKenna [one death]
71. "Murder on St. Valentine's Day" by Mignon G. Eberhart [one death]
72. "A Piece of String" by Clarence Budington Kelland [one death]
73. "Taboo" by Geoffrey Household [2 deaths]
74. "The Silver Curtain" by John Dickson Carr [one death]
75. "The Girl Who Lived Dangerously [3 deaths]
76. A Fete Worse Than Death by Dolores Gordon-Smith [6 deaths] (2/20/24)
77. Man of Two Tribes by Arthur W. Upfield [5 deaths] (2/22/24)
78. Death Takes a Bow by Frances & Richard Lockridge [2 deaths]  (2/24/24)
79. Murder After Hours (The Hollow) by Agatha Christie [2 deaths] (2/26/24)
80. The Unicorn Murders by Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr [2 deaths] (2/28/24)
81. The Moneypenny Diaries by Kate Westbrook [9 deaths] (2/29/24)
82. One by One They Disappeared by Moray Dalton (Katherine Dalton Renoir) [9 deaths] (3/2/24)
83. The Blue Geranium by Dolan Birkley (Dolores Hitchens) [4 deaths] (3/3/24)
84. Death of a Fool by Ngaio Marsh [one death] (3/4/24)
85. The Silent Speaker by Rex Stout [2 deaths] (3/5/24)
**************************The following are from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine September 1965 (3/7/24)
86. "Blood Brothers" by Christianna Brand [2 deaths]
87. "Bloehm's Wall" by George Emmett [one death]
88. "A Fine Winter Thirst" by George Emmett [2 deaths]
89. "All the Way Home" by Jaime Sandaval [3 deaths]
90. "The Supernatural Murder" by Agatha Christie [one death]
91. "The Needle's Eye" by Ellery Queen [two deaths]
92. "To Reach the Sea" by Monica Dickens [one death]
93. "The Curtain" by Raymond Chandler [4 deaths]
94. "The Peppermint Striped Goodbye" by Ron Goulart [2 deaths]
95. "The Restorer of Balance" by Avram Davidson [one death]
96. Mad About the Boy? by Dolores Gordon-Smith [8 deaths] (3/13/24)
97. Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz [11 deaths] (3/16/24)
98. The Philadelphia Murder Story by Leslie Ford (Zenith Jones Brown) [5 deaths] (3/21/24)
99. Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers [2 deaths] (3/21/24)
100. Red Bones by Ann Cleeves [4 deaths] (3/24/24)
101. Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney [9 deaths] (3/26/24)
102. Zombies of the Gene Pool by Sharyn McCrumb [6 deaths] (3/27/24)
103. Grand Cru Heist by Jean-Pierre Alaux & Noel Balen [3 deaths] (3/28/24)
104. The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes [3 deaths] (3/29/24)
105. "The Speckled Band" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [4 deaths] (4/8/24)
106. Seance for a Vampire by Fred Saberhagen [4 deaths] (4/9/24)
107. Unnatural Ends by Christopher Huang [8 deaths] (4/14/24)
108. The Puzzle of the Blue Banderilla by Stuart Palmer [2 deaths] (4/18/24)
109. Figure Away by Phoebe Atwood Taylor [2 deaths] (4/20/24)
110. Mystery at Greenfingers by J. B. Priestley [one death] (4/23/24)
111. The House of Dies Drear by Virginia Hamilton [one death] (4/25/24)
112. Assistant to the Villain by Hannah Nicole Maehrer [2 deaths] (4/28/24)
113. Cold Bed in the Clay by Ruth Sawtell Wallis [2 deaths] (4/30/24)
114. Write Murder Down by Richard Lockridge [3 deaths] (5/4/24)
115. The List of Adrian Messenger by Philip MacDonald [14 deaths] (5/4/24)
116. Sepulchre Street by Martin Edwards [13 deaths] (5/8/24)
*************************The following are from Bodies from the Library 4 by Tony Medawar [ed]
117. "Child's Play" by Edmund Crispin [3 deaths]
118. "Rigor Mortis" by Leo Bruce [one death]
119. "The Only Husband" by H. C. Bailey [2 deaths]
120. "The Police Are Baffled" by Alec Waugh [2 deaths]
121. "Shadowed Sunlight" by Christianna Brand [2 deaths]
122. "The Case of Bella Garsington" by Gladys Mitchell [one death]
123. "The Post-Chaise Murder" by Richard Keverne [one death]
124. "Boots" by Ngaio Marsh [one death]
125. "Figures Don't Die" by T. S. Stribling [2 deaths]
126. "After You, Lady" by Peter Cheyney [one death]
127. "Too Easy" by Herbert Adams [one death]
128. "Signals" by Alice Campbell [one death]
129. "A Present from the Empire" by G. D. H. & M. Cole [2 deaths]
130. Twice Retired by Richard Lockridge [5 deaths] (5/17/24)
131. Crows Are Black Everywhere by Herbert O. Yardley & Carl Grabo [7 deaths] (5/17/24)
132. The Owl in the Cellar by Margaret Scherf [5 deaths] (5/18/24)
133. Death in Five Boxes by Carter Dickson [2 deaths] (5/20/24)
134. Six Queer Things by Christopher St. John Sprigg [4 deaths] (5/21/24)
135. Who Cries for the Lost by C. S. Harris [13 deaths] (5/21/24)
136. What Cannot Be Said by C. S. Harris [18 deaths] (5/22/24)
137. The Tenth Life by Richard Lockridge [4 deaths] (5/23/24)
138. Amphigorey by Edward Gorey [33 deaths] (5/24/24)
139. The New Shoe by Arthur W. Upfield [3 deaths] (5/25/24)
140. The Mystery of the Ivory Charm by Carolyn Keene [one death] (5/25/24)
141. Murder in Brass by Lewis Padgett [5 deaths] (5/29/24)
142. Tied Up in Tinsel by Ngaio Marsh [2 deaths] (5/30/24)
**************************The following are from The Best English Detective Stories of 1928  by Father Ronald Knox & H. Harrington [eds] (6/2/24)
143. "Trial by Ordeal" by F. Britten Austin (one death)
144. "The Artificial Mole" by J. D. Beresford (one death)
145. "The Secret of the Mountain" by C. Bobbett (one death)
146. "Through the Window" by K. R. G. Browne (one death)
147. "The Poison Bottle" by Bernard Capes (2 deaths)
148. "The Tuesday Night Club" by Agatha Christie (3 deaths)
149. "Under a Thousand Eyes" by Charlotte Dockstader (one death)
150. "Who Killed Castelvetri?" by Gilbert Fankau (one death)
151. "The Late Edition" by Kelman Frost (one death)
152. "The Night of the Garter" by Arthur Hougham (one death)
153. "The Sign of Seven" by John Hunter (2 deaths)
154. "Drops That Trickle Away" by Maurice Leblanc (one death)
155. "Blackman's Wood" by E. Phillips Oppenheim (3 deaths)
156. "Overwhelming Evidence" by Baroness Orczy (2 deaths)
157. "The Langdon Case" by Gladys St. John-Loe (3 deaths)
158. Doom in the Midnight Sun by Eunice Mays Boyd [8 deaths] (6/4/24)
159. The Rocksburg Railroad Murders by K. C. Constantine [3 deaths] (6/5/24)
160. The Haunted Bridge by Carolyn Keene (read both Original & Revised Text volumes) [6 deaths total for two volumes] (6/6/24)
161. Black as He's Painted by Ngaio Marsh [4 deaths] (6/8/24)
162. Old Hall, New Hall by Michael Innes [3 deaths] (6/12/24)
163. The Phantom of Pine Hill  by Carolyn Keene [one death] (6/13/24)
164. The Golden Eagle Mystery by Ellery Queen, Jr. [one death] (6/14/24)
165. The Dragon Boat Mystery by John Bechtel [one death] (6/19/24)
166. A Vacation to Kill For by Eunice Mays Boyd (w/Elizabeth Aden) [2 deaths] (6/22/24)
*****************************The following are from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Aug 1959  (6/24/24)
167. "The Girl Who Lived Dangerously" by Hugh Pentecost (Judson Philips) [3 deaths] (read a second time)
168. "The Seeds of Murder" by Rufus King [3 deaths]
169. "The Case of the Two Questions" by E. X. Ferrars [one death]
170. "In the Morgue" by Dashiell Hammett [one death]
171. "Three Men in a Garden" by Lord Dunsany [one death]
172. "Widow's Mite" by C. B. Gilford [one death]
173. "Smoke Rings" by Crag Rice [one death]
174. "Look to Your Skeletons" by Eva-Lis Wuorio [one death]
175. Fer-de-Lance by Rex Stout [4 deaths] (6/25/24)
176. Still Life by Louise Penny [3 deaths] (6/28/24)
177. The Secret of High Eldersham [4 deaths] (7/3/24)
178. The Phoenix Crown by Kate Quinn & Janie Chang [6 deaths] (7/4/24)
The following are from Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Nov 1958 (7/9/24)
179. "A Routine Night's Work" by George Harmon Coxe (4 deaths)
180. "Command Performance" by Anthony Boucher (one death)
181. "All Men Make Mistakes" by Frances & Richard Lockridge (one death)
182. "Hand on My Shoulder" by Peggy McIntyre (2 deaths)
183. "Murder--Early American" by Ruth Chessman (one death)
184. "Salesmanship" by Talmage Powell (one death)

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