Thursday, November 3, 2022

2023 Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge


I'm heading out to the shooting range again with Rick and his Six Shooter Mystery Reading Challenge in 2023. The goal is pretty straight-forward--read six books on the same target (by the same author) to complete your round. Any targets started in 2022 but not yet complete will carry over to the new year, so Rick's page won't be fully updated for a while. Once it's updated, you can check out the full details at the link above.

As with his other challenges, Rick doesn't ask for a commitment. But I will set a personal goal in order to claim the challenge complete for 2023. I've been setting it at four targets--and I will be aiming for the same in the new year.  Most likely those will include Agatha Christie, the Lockridges,  and Carolyn Keene. Other authors TBD.
Carter Dickson/John Dickson Carr (Complete)
2. It Walks by Night (2/24/23)
4. And So to Murder (4/12/23)
Agatha Christie (Complete)
2. Marple: Twelve New Mysteries [by various] (2/15/23)
4. The Moving Finger (3/1/23)
5. Towards Zero (3/5/23)
Frances &/or Richard Lockridge (Complete)
3. "Flair for Murder" (5/26/23)
6. "A Winter's Tale" (6/21/23)
John Creasey

C. S. Harris (Complete)
5.  When Maidens Mourn (7/24/23)
 C. S Harris Complete
1. Why Kings Confess (7/31/23)
2. Who Buries the Dead (8/10/23)
3. When Falcons Fall by (8/21/23) 
4. Where the Dead Lie (8/24/23) 
6. Who Slays the Wicked (8/29/23) 


Rick Mills said...

Welcome to the Shooting Gallery for 2023! You may notice we have patched all the holes in the walls from those errant shots and aired the place out. There are no changes in challenge details from 2022.

Betty Bilton said...

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