Thursday, December 22, 2016

Deal Me In Challenge

Jay at Bibliophilopolis has launched the 7th annual Deal Me In Challenge for 2017. While I have watched this one go by during the past two years or so, I've never participated--being more focused on whole books.  I've decided this year to take the plunge and mix some short stories through-out the year, rather than cramming whole books of them into single sittings.

Please see the link above for the full run-down, Here's the short version--
~Compile a list of 52 short stories.
~Match each story to a card from a regular deck of cards.
~Have a deck of cards handy throughout the year.
~Read one short story per week.
~Choose your short story by drawing a new card from the deck. I will draw my card on Sunday.


A – "Common Stock" by Octavus Roy Cohen

2 – "Pink Bait" by Octavus Roy Cohen (5/9/17)

3 – "Farrar Fits in" by Edmund Snell (9/20/17)

4 – "The Pathologist to the Rescue" by R. Austin Freeman (catch-up post 9/12/17)

5 – "The Blue Sequin" by R. Austin Freeman (2/16/17)

6 – "The Divided House" by Thomas W. Hanshew (2/25/17)

7 – "The Riddle of the Rainbow Pearl" by Thomas W. Hanshew (1/4/17)

8 – "The Mystery of the Steel Room" by Thomas W. Hanshew (4/9/17)

9 –  "Vidocq & the Locksmith's Daughter" by George Barton (2/11/17)

10 – "Suspicion" by William B. Maxwell (5/5/17)

J –  "The Wedding Album" by David Marusek (catch-up post 9/12/17)
Q - "10 to the 16th power to 1" James Patrick Kelly (catch-up post 7/18/17)

K -  "Winemaster" by Robert Reed (finished in December, logged 12/30/17)
[A - 10 from The World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories Vol. 7 by Eugene Thwing, ed.; J-K from The Year's Best Science Fiction 17th Annual Collection by Gardner Dozois, ed.]


A – "Galactic North" by Alastair Reynolds (catch-up post)

2 – "Dapple: A Hwarhath Historical Romance" by Eleanor Arnason (4/8/17)

3 – "People Came from Earth" by Stephen Baxter (finished in December, logged 12/30/17)

4 – "Green Tea" by Richard Wadholm (finished in December, logged 12/30/17)

5 – "The Dragon of Prpyat" by Karl Schroeder (5/22/17)

6 – "Written in Blood" by Chris Lawson (catch-up post 7/18/17)
7 - "Hatching the Phoenix" by Frederik Pohl (catch-up post 9/12/17)
8 – "Suicide Coast" by M. John Harrison (catch-up post 9/12/17)

9 – "Hunting Mother" by Sage Walker (catch-up post 9/12/17)

10 – "Mount Olympus" by Ben Bova (catch-up post 11/14/17)

J – "Border Guards" by Greg Egan (2/3/17)

Q – "Scherzo with Tyrannosaur" by Michael Swanwick (6/17/17)

K – "A Hero of the Empire" by Robert Silverberg (catch-up post 11/14/17)

[from The Year's Best Science Fiction 17th Annual Collection by Gardner Dozois, ed.] 


A – "How We Lost the Moon: A True Story" by Frank W. Allen" by Paul J. McAuley (1/14/17)

2 – "Phallicide" by Charles Sheffield (4/18/17)

3 – "Daddy's World" by Walter Jon Williams

4 – "A Martian Romance" by Kim Stanley Robinson (catch-up post 9/12/17)

5 – "The Sky-Green Blues" by Tanith Lee (catch-up post 7/18/17)

6 – "Exchange Rate" by Hal Clement (3/31/17)

7 - "Everywhere" by Geoff Ryman (6/10/17)

8 – "Hothouse Flowers" by Mike Resnick (5/31/17)

9 – "Evermore" by Sean Williams (3/23/17)

10 - "Of Scorned Women & Causal Loops" by Robert Grossbach finished 12/30/17)

J – "Son Observe the Time" by Kage Baker (catch-up post 11/14/17)

Q – "The Locked Room" by John Dickson Carr (catch-up post 11/14/17)

K – "Human Interest Stuff" by Brett Halliday (3/4/17)

[A-J from The Year's Best Science Fiction 17th Annual Collection by Gardner Dozois, ed.; Q-K from Murder by Experts by Ellery Queen, ed.]


A – "The Blast of the Book" by G. K. Chesterton (4/25/17)

2 – "P. Moran, Diamond-Hunter" by Percival Wilde (3/517)

3 – "The Age of Miracles" by Melvilled Davisson Post (catch-up post 11/14/17)

4 – "The Witness for the Prosecution" by Agatha Christie (catch-up post 11/14/17)

5 – "The Hound" by William Faulkner (catch-up post 11/14/17)

6 – "The Dancing Detective" by Cornell Woolrich (catch-up post 7/18/17)

7 – "The Hands of Mr. Ottermole" by Thomas Burke (1/25/17)

8 – "The Little Dry Sticks" by Cora Jarrett (catch-up post 11/14/17)

9 – "The Last Exploit of Harry the Actor" by Ernest Bramah (3/16/17)

10 – "Puzzle for Poppy" by Patrick Quentin (catch-up post 9/12/17)

J – "Death Draws a Triangle" by Edward Hale Bierstadt (1/16/17)

Q – "Persons or Things Unknown" by Carter Dickson (5/23/17)

K – "Almost Perfect" William MacHarg (6/18/17)
[from Murder by Experts by Ellery Queen, ed.]


Jay said...

Great list, Bev! I love your pictures too and note that I've only read six of your authors before so I look forward to learning about the rest through you. :-) Glad to see you are giving Deal Me In a try in 2017.

Mary R. said...

I'm thinking of doing this challenge as well and was thrilled to see a story by my friend James Patrick Kelly on your list!