Saturday, February 11, 2017

Deal Me In Week #6: "Vidocq & the Locksmith's Daughter"

This is my first year participating in Jay's Deal Me In Challenge . In a nutshell--we line up 52 short stories for the year, we match those stories up to a card in a regular deck of card, and each week we shuffle our deck (of real cards) and draw a card from whatever remains in the deck. Week #5 gives me the nine of clubs: "Vidocq & the Locksmith's Daughter" by George Barton which appears in The World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories Vol. 7 by Eugene Thwing, ed.
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I almost forgot to post this this is going to be a bit shorter than usual. Barton's story revolves around a spate of robberies which the Paris police cannot solve. So, Monsieur Henry, the Prefect, calls in Vidocq, former thief and master in the art of disguise, to help put an end to the crime wave. M. Henry's colleagues scorn the idea, but Vidocq goes undercover and fools the chief of thieves, Constantine. And proves that the Prefect's confidence in him was not in vain.

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